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Latest: How Buhari begs Tinubu to back down



*Promises to drop all probes and antagonism

*sets to placate Tinubu with Contracts, appointments.


ABUJA-President Mohammadu Buhari days ago shockingly swallowed twice the
humble pie when he not only openly apologized to the Senate President
and speaker of the House of Representative personally but  went
practically almost on his kneels to beg the Strong man of South West
Politics Asiwaju Tinubu.

How  the haughty President did gets to this humble stage? Daily Watch
investigations confirmed that the President was forced to take this
humble route when he discovered that all the billions so far dished
out through some few Ministers in the President cabinet from the South
West to usurped power from the Jagaban of Lagos state Asiwaju Bola
Tinubu was not yielding the expected results and the advice by El
Rufai committee to toe the line of attacking business interest of
those not loyal was not giving the desired results mostly in the case
of Tinubu who was expected to run to the President during the Attack
on his many business but rather  was the reverse as it pushed him
even more closer to Abubaker Atiku who the President is said to have
dread politically despite been an incumbent.

The meeting few days back and reported plea of the President almost at
the point of kneeling down according to  Daily Watch investigations
was a last resort and frustration of the President and his cabal over
the loss of almost all the key allies that made the APC victory

Already, the president has agreed to drop  secretly all attack on the
business interest of Bola Tinubu and also see that he gets very
compensatory contracts to the bargain plus some very strategic
appointments to his group in the days ahead,

How this new approach between the President and Tinubu would do to
the already agreement in principle between Abubakar Atiku and Tinubu
is not known for now since Atiku and Tinubu agreement seem to be more
of 2019 and true to type the strong man of Yoruba politics has refused
to comment on Buhari 2019 ambition still creating the belief that he
is still in line with his agreement with  Atiku as he refused to make
any categorical statement on Buhari  2019 plans when  asked by press
men while leaving the Villa.

Attempts to get through to the Asiwaju and deft political lord of the
South West was not possible as his Press team promised he would
address the press soon.


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