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Lamentations would never solve your problem, face your attackers and be freed- Self-styled Gen. Max Udoh




        *Benue leaders/elders are all sycophants and lily-livered men


          *Learn from the Agbekoyas and the OPC game plan.

“Benue and other Middle belt leaders and elders are simply lame duck and would continue their lamentations until the so called herdsmen or is it Criminal gang according to Buhari, takes over all their lands and even set up a Fulani dynasty and ruler in their soil before they realize what is on the table for them, they should learn fast from the Agbekoyas and OPC in Yoruba land on how to ward of the killers instead of foolishly lamenting and burying their dead every day”

It is with this poignant and pregnant statement that the   ever outspoken Militant leader of the New Bakkasi strike Force General  (NBSF) Maxwell Udoh reacted to the killings still going on in Benue and Taraba states despite their unstoppable lamentations to the Powers that be in the seat of affairs in Abuja.

General Udoh who does not shy away from baring his mind on the most controversial issues in the country lambasted the Middle belt elders and leaders for making so much noise with their extreme lamentations instead of simply doing the needful to stop the killings in their domain and chase the herdsmen back to wherever they were hired and brought from with a pre determined agenda, to take control of the middle belt.

In his words, ‘’Ï pity the leaders and elders of the middle belt who instead of thinking of raising their own defense group to tackle the so called criminal gang aka Fulani Jihadist keep lamenting every passing day while their children, wife and families are been wiped out and the Government of Buhari smiling while pretending to be using the Inspector General and Osibanjo panel to arrest killers known to them all along, is it not laughable”.

According to the outspoken critic “Is it not laughable that a  Tiv DPO  Bur Doolor of Gboko  police station is under arrest for not doing enough over  the death of five Fulanis yet no DPO/Herdsmen in all the places Middle Beltans are killed has been Arrested?.Is it a coincidence that a Fulani Professor Umar Muhammed Labado from Dept of History, Maitama Sule University Kano keeps drumming it to our ears  every other day  that the whole Benue and Middle belt falls under the ruler ship of the Bauchi Emirate by conquest exactly when theses killings are on? Or a mistake when the President called them a criminal gang rather than prohibit them? Is it a coincidence or mistake when a president tells his citizens that he is not yet able to decide what action to take against killers even when over 2,000 has been killed by that same killer herdsmen because of what he termed historical factors same time a Professor  of History , Umar  Labado Mohammed is claiming and talking of same historical fators of Benue been owned by the Fulanis and its people mere slaves? Is it a mistake that the Nigerian IG keep changing his statements when it concerns Benue Killings?, first he claimed it was a communal fight, today the Fulani  born Inspector General has come up to say the anti grazing laws must be repealed to end the killings, does that not ring a bell in the ears of Nigerians and mostly the  ever lamenting Middle Belt leaders that they need to do the needful and defend themselves? Is it mere coincidence that no Emir, Fulani  traditional Ruler or  leaders have spoken against the killings by these Butchers and Genocidal beast but always fast to react when a single Fulani is killed like the arrest of a TIV DPO Bur Doolor in Gboko over death of Seven Fulanis in his jurisdiction?’’

The   fiery Militant leader praised the OPC and the Agbakoyas in the South West for setting up their own Military wing to chase killer herdsmen out of the South West knowing that the Nations security forces has totally been compromised and working in tendon with the herdsmen and dictates of the head of all the Fulani security chiefs in Nigeria.

‘’Until the leaders of the Middle Belt are wise enough to see and do what the Yoruba’s are working on then succor would not come their way even if their lamentation goes to the UNO or don’t they see the conspiratory silence in the Northern part of the Country over the none stop butchery and Genocidal killings in the Middle Belt? Would Such Silence have been seen if Fulanis are slaughtered the way the people of the Middle belt are been massacred?’’.

He labeled the APC leaders from the middle Belt in the National Assembly as  cowards, a disgrace and shameless  for their meekness even in face of the wiping out of their communities and villages thinking they are immune but would be shock sooner than later to see that what goes around also comes around because the Fulani or is it Criminal gang has a mission to establish the Fulani dynasty, headed by a Fulani king in Middle belt either by force of War or by deceit using the  Proposed Colony to create a Fulani Community in every axis of the country from whence a king, emir would be recognized in Future and upgraded to a first class ruler in those domain where the colony exist as in the today Kwara  state where the Gambari is the head even in a state where the real people have their Kings or the recent  case of Bwari in Abuja were a Fulanis is now the Sariki in Bwari and a 2nd class Traditional ruler  courtesy of the FCT Minister and who is been prepared to be the real Emir of Abuja soon even with the Original Gbagys present.

According to him ‘’A script is been played out right in our eyes and We all are foolishly lamenting and swearing, waiting for God to help us when even our Bible explicitly told us that the Heavens helps those who help themselves and even led the Israelites in War against their enemies as the Israelites never kept mute or keep lamenting without doing anything to help themselves as we are all now doing in stupidity hoping it would all go away miraculously or through prayers only”.

General Udoh advises the People of the Middle belt, South East and others who think the Colony option is a Panacea to think well because it would be their nemesis in years  to come, according to him  ‘’ why are they not asking the Buhari Government why he is so concerned about getting land for some private entrepreneurs with Government funds for cattle business or are the cattle Nigeria Properties? Do these cattle breeders pay Taxes to the Federal Government of Nigeria? Yet our Oil money would be used for ranches or Colonies when Ogoni is lying unattended to in the name of lack of Funds, when Igbo’s, the Ijaws etc can’t get the same in the Northern part for Business Colonies? Are Nigerians so complaisant, foolish and blind to the acts of these tricksters masquerading as rulers not to see the games been played on us all, where are the so called Save Nigeria Group that fought Jonathan? Are they all dead now?. They should hide their faces in shame and disgrace for the blood of those killed now must be on them‘’

General Udoh Counsel all Nigerians to be on wide alert because the Fulanis has enough game plan on their sleeve and a mission plotted several years back and stylishly carrying out the implementation painfully with our so called Southern and mostly Niger Deltan looters in power with them are not able to see because they are allowed to loot freely as such they are now blind to the games going on.


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