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Lagos: Man in police net for biting off officer’s lip, tongue

Inspector General of Police. Mohammed Adamu

By Oladele Dada

A man named Ahmed Ishola, (a.k.a ORA), an indigene of Ilorin Kwara state is in court who has bitten off the lip of an officer that attempted to save life of his girlfriend who was battered mercilessly.

Mr. Suleiman Olowookere of Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corp (LNSC) who  lives within the area was making effort single-handedly to protect Ahmed;s girl friend who was beaten black and blue.

An angry Ahmed humuilated the man and also bit off his lip who was wailing in a pool of his blood;

Eyewitnesses told Daily Watch that Mr. Ahmed first attacked the officer with a broken bottle. But the officer overpowered him by dragging it from him.

Mr. Ahme was  finally arrested by  the officer even his  lip and tongue  have been bitten off.  Mr. Ahmed in order to create wrong impression vy making it a case of two fighting, falsely smashed himself with  the broken bottle to inflict bruises on his body.

We gathered Mr Suleiman Olowookere may not speak very well as he will need to undergo a surgical operation to perfect the damage.

Our source said that that the matter has been taken to Tinubu Magistrate Court Area of Lagos lsland, while the case has been adjourned till August  for  further investigation and hearing as the Suspect remains in Police custody.




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