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Kwakwonso/ Ganduji tear APC apart


*Gov Ganduji plots against Kwakwonso’s Senate return and
political demise

*May move back to PDP or PRP in the days ahead

*The El –Rufai’s connections


KANO-Except for last minute divine intervention the APC in Kano state is
presently on the road to self-destruct if fast, urgent  and genuine
intervention is not  taken.

The Road to this sorry state of affairs in the Once happy family that
pervaded the Party was sown when the Executive Governor of the State
who was a fomer Deputy Governor to Rabiu Kwankwonso decided to be not
just his own man in the political equation of the state but cut his
noble benefactor to size.

Rabiu Kwakwonso who the first Governor in the country to pick his
Deputy then as successor was like a cult figure in Kano state for his
unique Developmental stride in the State such that even out of Power
he still cut to an extent a cult like respect by the downtrodden in
the state who sees in him as a humane leader.

Daily Watch investigations in Kano state Confirms that the duo and
their followers are poles apart thereby making the once vibrant APC in
the state a totally divided House that in all honesty on the road to

Daily Watch findings exposes a serious script been played out in the
state to totally not only humiliate the revered Kwankwonso but to
political disable him and finally knock him out of his exulted
Senatorial Position as  majors forces in the Party are said to have
teamed up with the state Governor to not only set the  Ex Governor and
Senator Against the President but also use the Party National Chairman
as the Senator albatross

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that though they was a battle
between the Ex Governor and his political son who sits as the governor,
the Ex Gov yet controls the Party structure before now in the state
until the emergence of the El’Rufai factor in the Political fight in
the state.

Daily Watch confirmed that the Kaduna State governor Who is seriously
eyeing the Presidency come 2019 and secretly building his own
political structure towards that with  a décor of assembling a unique
force for the Present President come 2018 is also said to be secretly
setting great obstacles against all potential Presidential materials
in the APC to position himself as the candidate of the APC once Buhari
refuses to go forv2nd term on health grounds which is extremely

The El- Rufai’s factor is said to have become the hidden rod in the
great fight between the Governor of the state and his ex God father
Rabiu Kwakwonso as the Kaduna state governor was said to have played a
major part in using is closeness to the President to have not only
dissolve the Party structure in the state  led by Alhaji Umar Haruna
Doguwa and loyal to Senator Rabiu Kwakwonso with a caretaker Chairman
and structure that is filled with men loyal to the Present Governor
even before the expiration of the Tenure of the Party structure in the
state with the simple aim of not just stripping the Senator of any
structure politically for Election Primaries in the state but totally
make him irrelevant in the APC in Kano state and in extension with no
base to either eye the 2019 presidency or returning to the senate.

Daily watch investigations confirm that the Senator who seem confused
is presently  awaiting how situation would play out in the days  and
considering moving to the PDP he left years ago or PRP  with his
followers to either pursue his Presidential Ambition or return to the
Senate  quietly.

Daily watch can confirm that all attempts by Emirs, traditional rulers
in the state and the North in general to resolve the Political dispute
seem not sailing through just because of the influence and selfish
agenda of the Kaduna state governor who is serious said to be
totally working against any form of reconciliation as that would
destroy his own game plan for 2019.The days ahead seem bleak for the
Party in the state as ant move out of the APC by the Ex Governor would
totally affect the fortunes of the party in the state as the Ex
Governor is said to be a force far greater than the Governor
Politically in the Northern state of Kano.

Attempts by Daily Watch to reach out to the two feuding men in the
whole brouhaha was not feasible but a powerful associate of Rabiu
Kwakwonso and former Commissioner in the state Abdulsalami Ami
described the treatment been meted out to the Senator by the Governor
and the National body of the APC as not only wicked but totally
uncalled for taking into consideration all the Senator and several
others did to bring the Present APC to governance in the country.


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