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Kwakwonso, ex-Gov Sheakarau reaches an agreement on PDP in Kano State

Rabiu Kwankwaso


*Kwakwanso to produce the PDP governorship candidate for Kano state while Sheakrau provides the Deputy

Senator Rabiu Kwankwoso

KANO-The much talked about serious conflict and disagreement that would hit the PDP in Kano state following the decampment of Senator Rabiu Kwakwonso to the PDP in Kano state under the head of another Ex-Governor and ex Minister of Education seemed to have been resolved peacefully  and amicably by the two parties without any external involvement.

Daily Watch findings Confirmed that the two Ex-Governors and some of their trusted followers meet severally and secretly to fine tune modalities for putting up a good fight to reclaim the government house from the APC come 2019 without selfish intrusion.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that the duo reached several solid agreements which would go along way to kill the intense rivalry expected  between the two ex- governors  following the defection of Kwakwonso to the PDP ,as they both agreed to cede the state Governorship ticket seat to ex- Governor Kwakwonso while the Ex Minister for Education  gets the Deputy ticket to nominate.

Daily watch findings confirmed that this very symbiotic meet among the two ex-governors is set to create serious political problem for the APC led  Government in the State as Kwakwonso and Sheakarau combination is certainly going to create serious upset for the Kano state Governor if it does not quickly work out fine strategies to tame the duo.

Daily Watch Spoke to the Spokesperson for Rabiu Kwakwonso Binta who refuses to confirm or deny the meet, political trade off  and master stroke that seem to have killed all speculations of a grand conflict in the Kano state PDP but she was quick to  add that in Politics everything is about negotiations, giving and taking.





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