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Kogi sends delegation to Kaduna for El-Rufai sack fomula


                *Plot to sack thousands of teachers after fake
competence test

Gov. Yaya Bello

ABUJA- Daily Watch expose just few days back that the El Rufai Sack formula
which  President Buhari seem to be backing in an administration that
claims job creation as one of its cardinal campaigns slogan seem to be
gaining converts.


Daily Watch investigations has confirmed that several states seem
to be enamored with the El Rufai trick which the President has openly
come out to support thereby creating a flood of other states desire to
use the same formula to sack thousands of workers to cut their wage
bill under the name of competence test, a thing they have been finding
it difficult to do but which the El rufai’s trick would now make easy,
already states like Delta, Imo, Nasarawa, kogi  and some others are
considering toeing same line that has gotten the nod of the president
with the Kaduna game tricks.

Already Kogi state Government has commences its own plan of a
competence Test for its teachers with the intent of laying off over
20,000 teachers which is the number the state government is planning
to come out with as those that failed its own text so as to lay off
the Teachers to cut the wage bill as the state is already said to be
owing workers general of salary ranging from 10 months to fourteen
months depending on the ministry.

The Kogi state delegation which by today would have hit back at Lokoja
the Kogi state Capital from their three days competency test research
is set to submit its reports after which the state would commence its
own test for teachers in the state.

The Delegations for which Kogi state Government is said to have blown
over 200 million naira in a three days trip according to vouchers from
the Ministry of Finance comprise the State Commissioner for Education,
Science and Technology Jacob Tolorunleke, Special Assistant to the
Governor on Education Moses Abara, the Chairman Kogi state teaching
Commissions  Afolabi Baji and the  chairman Universal Basic Education
(UBEC) kogi state Mrs. Oshiotimehin Deborah are said to have perfected
the final dots on the teachers test and eventual sack.

Already the state Union of Teachers in the state have gotten wind of
the Plots of the state Government and has called for the text to be
set by a  body not related to the state government and marked by same
for such test to be classified as credible or the whole teachers in
Kogi state having seem the El Rufai trick would not sit for any test
set up by the state government which is with a pre-determined
goal-that of sacking so much teachers indirectly what the state is
finding difficult to do directly.

Attempts to speak with the state governor on his love for this new
kind of commence text and the waste of several millions to under study
it was not possible as series of text to the Governor media team was
not answered as at the time of filling this report.


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