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Kogi Police boss, SARS commander now work for Yahaya Bello in Kogi

Kogi Police Commissioner Hakeem Busari

By Ahmed Ahmadu, Abuja

Days ago Daily watch exposed the disgraceful shenanigans of the Nigerian police in Kogi who headed by police Commissioner Busari Hakeem who had successful turned the Office of the State police Command into one funny extension of the Kogi government house for purpose of tithes from the executive governor of the State ,Yahaya Bello;

The gist today is not far from the same acts of the Police Commissioner as the head of the SARS in Kogi state CSP Ibrahim Babagana has also been conscripted into the same fry as his boss and himself have now become even much more useful to the State government even more than the Police Commissioner in the state as the SARS anti Robbery Squad has now jumped into the Political firmament of Kogi state.


Daily Watch findings in the state confirmed that ,SARS Operatives have become a special tool in the hands of Yahaya Bello in the hunting and harassing of political opponents as no day passes in places like Abocho, Dekina and others where SARS seemed to have shifted their Operational headquarters to so as to be close to the electorates.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that members of the PDP in these places are presently feeling the heat of the SARS team that has made political activities and harassment a daily occurrence thereby curtailing all manner of Campaigns by some Political group or Party in the Locality.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that the SARS boss CSP Babagana seemed to have left the basic duty of hunting and preventing criminal activities and delving into Political  issues thereby forgetting the simple reason for SARS coming into existence as the Political temperature in Kogi heats up.

Already, several Members of the Political class other than the APC in Dekina, Abocho and several other localities in the Igala land  have now gone underground to avoid the attack and harassment by the SARS operatives who seemed now to be directly working with the State Commissioner of Police for the APC and Yahaya Bello.

Daily Watch Spoke to the PDP Deputy Director of Public Communication in Kogi State Chief Austin Okai who also confirmed the menace of the SARS Commander and the State Commissioner of Police in the massive harassment and man hunting of members of the PDP in the mentioned Localities thereby making campaigns difficult for other political parties than the APC in the Dikina, Abocho and several other areas in the state.

Daily Watch intense efforts to reach out to the state Commissioner of Police Hakeem Busari or the State SARS Commander in Kogi state CSP Ibrahim Babagana was not possible as at press time




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