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Kogi indigenes vow to vote against Bello over support for Herdsmen killings




*Called unprintable names for betraying Kogi people


*Uneasy calm all over state over Herdsmen audacity


LOKOJA- There seems to be palpable fear and tension all over Kogi state
following what the people of the state termed as the Governor cheap
sell out of the life of its people to the herdsmen over Political

The State which has received massive and unprecedented influx of
Herdsmen in the less than two weeks since the Governor read a riot act
to the indigenes of the State to the effect that they must not only
accommodate herdsmen but have their traditional or Village head sacked
if and when any battle or fight occurs between herdsmen and any

Daily Watch visit to the state days after rampaging herds men killed
over ten persons with several villagers fleeing instead of resisting
the herdsmen for fear of not picking the wrath of their Governor is as
shocking and as painful as several rice farms,homes had been looted
and razed to the ground with the people as silent as a duck.

While the People of the state seem powerless with the Governors
warning ewhich has embolden the herds man to becoming lord over the
Kogi people, the People had vowed to pay their Governor back in his
own coing in the coming election for daring to back the herdsmen
rather than the People of the state there by granting the herdsmen
freedom to loot, maim, kill and go freely without any answer from the
Kogi people who seem left to fate.

One of the prominent indigenes of Yangba Local government Area Chief
Asiolu Alfred Likened the Governor open endorsement to the Fulani
herdsmen because he wants to be in the good book of the president as
barbaric, wicked and outright foolish.

According to him ‘’Only a governor that has no feelings for his people
who are slaughtered daily like cows and fowl would give the kind of
order the Governor gave to the Fulani’s herdsmen and the indigenes of
Kogi.It is an order that has made the Governor more of a supported of
the herdsmen than protector of his own people which is totally
barbaric, wicked and outright foolish for a man of his standing and
vowed that the People would reply him at the appropriate time if even
the Fulani herdsmen kill them all, the people reaming would
definitely pay back the governor”.

Daily Watch Attempts to speak to the Governor media team on the
resultant effect of the Governor open invite and threats to the people
of the state was not possible despite several text messages to their



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