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Killers of Mohammed Yusuf back in Nigeria Police force



         *PSC re-instates killer officers after shocking court discharge


 ABUJA-Nigeria is a strange land were things that are anathema in foreign land are normally and usually taken as normal. That seem to be the case as Police men said to have either by commission or omission created the dreaded Boko Harem sect has today been reinstated back into the Nigerian Police Force.

Daily Watch investigations has it that the five police officers who were said to have extra Judiciously killed Mohammed Yusuf of the Boko Haram sects that gave birth to the   several years of Killings and war in the North East were glare fully reinstated in to the Police Force after their shocking discharged by the Nigerian Court for a funny kind of Prosecution by the Nigerian Police with evidences tailored towards their acquittal.

The five who got their discharged for lack of evidence by the Prosecution which is the Nigerian Police itself seem to have made a mockery of the whole prosecution process if people who were see in pictures dragging and shooting a suspect can now be openly discharged despite all evidences for lack of the same evidences because the Prosecution team refuses to tender relevant pictures and evidences to support the prosecution of the criminals.

Already, the Police Service Commission which is the body in charge of discipline, promotion etc of police officers is said to have ordered the reinstatement of the five officers following their discharged by the Nigerian court of Law weeks ago

The Five officers it would be recalled killed the leader of the then Boko Haram around JULY 2009 which resulted in the incorporation of the real war in the North east that has taken the lives of over 1 million Nigerians and several Billion Naira worth of properties to the bargain..

Daily Watch spoke with Ikechukwu  Ani, the spokesperson of the PSC on the re reinstatement of the Five officers after the court rulings and he confirmed the said story to be true.


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