Kemi Adeosun’s Exemption Certificate is fake-Ex NYSC DG, Mr. Anthony Ani


Kemi Adeosun

ABUJA-The fake certificate brohaha knocking the Nigeria Minister for defence Kemi Adeosun seem far from abetting even with her audible silence over the issue which she alone can put to rest by just speaking out.

The Certificate crisis which was blown open by a Nigerian On Line paper days ago seem to have taken a life of its own following the usual silence of the government and president over the issue as its usual with this administration where any untoward issues or action is not given even a minute of response.

The fake Certificate got a much more perfect and truthful confirmation just days ago by no other than the ex-DG of the NYSC  Mr. Anthony Ani who was a one time DG mobilization of the NYSC.Ani who was on the hot seat on Chanels Telivision Breakfast shoe Sunrise Daily took time to explain and put to rest all doubt over the certificate authenticity when he appeared on the screen.

According to Ani,the NYSC exemption certificate been caiired by the Minister is absolutely fake as no body applies like its been claimed for NYSC certificate as Kemi Adeosun case but mobilized for service and on the strength of such mobilization the NYSC own its own pick out those who are supposed to be exempted nd those are people who should be above thirty years of age.

To the DG Kemi claims of applying and other factors of the age and year of applying rather than mobilizing put a big doubt on the authenticity of the certificate in possession of the Finance Ministry Kemi Adeosun.

Daily Watch attempts to speak to the minister on the claim by the ex Director,Mobilization of the NYSC about the phoney certificate Kemi Adeosun is peddling was not possible as at press time.





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