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Kaduna broke: El-Rufai’s new trick to sack teachers to cut wage bills to cover bad financial state



KADUNA-  Mallam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai supposed plans to sack over 22,000 teachers in the name of
failing competency text seem a serious deceit after all if the series
of investigations undertaken by Daily Watch investigations in the
Kaduna State capital is to be believed.


Daily Watch findings from those close to the Kaduna state Governor has
confirmed that the Governor pursuit of the sack option and a reference
to a competency test conducted for which over 22,000 teachers were
said to have failed is simply a deceit to carry out retrenchment
following the huge wage bills the governor is finding difficult to pay
despite the billions receive from the Paris Refund which the governor
is said t prefer using for contracts from which returns are gotten
rather than the payment of Salaries from which no gains are made which
is what almost all the state Governors are said to be involve in,
collecting Paris refund and using diverse means to loot same while the
salaries for which the Refund were made remains unpaid.

Daily Watch
investigations in the Ministry confirmed that the failure
rate for the competency text was less the 1,000 and the 22,0000 figure
been bandied around was actually the figurer of the total amount of
teachers the Governor genuinely want to lay off to reduce his wage
bills and the Competency text was the easiest route to do just that
rather than the protracted process and outright retrenchment would
have elicited unlike a failed text.

Already many who saw the trick in the El- Rufai’s competence façade
are asking why the exams are carried on without the teachers Union or
a competent body devoid of the governor’s people allowed to conduct
the text and mark same that the Governor doing it with his handpicked
men with a predetermined target.

It would be recalled that this same trick El Rufai is now using was
used over three years back by the Edo state Government for Which
Adams Oshiomole then claimed  until he was battled aground by the
state teachers before the sack plot was dumped in Edo state during the
Era of the ex-Governor and that same script seem to be playing out in
the Kaduna state capital and this façade the Teachers Union and Labour
Congress seem to have seen through that has necessitated the unceasing
protest that Kaduna state government is now witnessing with threats of
state wide strike getting imminent if the governor does not

Daily Watch discuss with several of the teachers and one Alfred Ham
one of the so called failed teachers confirmed the fears of many that
it was all a charade to reduce the work force and wage bills as they
all called for same solutions out of the problem with the Governor’s

According to them “the Kaduna state governor if its genuinely serious
should bring out the results of the marked scripts of the 22, 0000
teachers and the answers to the supposed questions and  let an
independent body cross check the teachers answers script and see if El
Rufai 22,000 failure  figures can be sustained and his lies not
exposed for totally what it is, a blatant lie for a self serving

Already Several other state Governors are said to be watching the Way
Kaduna games goes and if successful to stage their own text, screening
attendance register, many gimmicks etc with the simple game plan of
offloading the workers to get much more for contracts from which there
get returns unlike wage bills which does pay anything back to their

Attempts by Daily watch to get through to the Governor’s media man to
get his views on why the governor has refused the Teachers demand for
an independent script assessments if he is so sure of his claimed
22,000 thousand failure figure was rebuffed by him claiming he is not
ready to speak on that.


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