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Just in: How Mamman Duara, Abba Kyare rule over Nigeria



*While President performs ceremonial functions only

*Dishes out instructions, memos to Ministers and even V.P in name of President




ABUJA- A terrible political game and abracadabra worse than what was seen in
the era of Musa Yar’dua is presently playing out  in the Presidential
Villa Aso Rock in Abuja in which a very few Nigerians have taken it
upon themselves to rule over Nigerians while the elected President
seem either confused, indisposed medically or not who Nigerians seem
to think he is if  at all the whole rot emanating from the seat of
Power is anything go judge.

Presently, the mantle of power in Nigeria reside with the one most
powerful man in the Villa Mamman Duara who unknown to many is a senior
Cousin to our dear President Mohammadu Buhari and the one man whose
powers and Authority is even feared and respected much more than that
of the Elected President of Nigeria as his table in   the inner
Sanctuary of the Villa remains the final clearing house of all there
is to administration in Nigeria.

Mamman Duara who today stands as the closest man to the President and
commander in Chief of the President even much more the President wife
is today the Defector President in Nigeria through whom all the
barrels of authority flows from and to whom those within and around
the Villa pay their allegiance to as his words stands out as final in
all issues presently in the Villa.

Mamma Duara is not alone in this deceitful game of governance as he
is aided by the Chief of staff to the President Alhaji Abba Kyare who
is the intermediary between the Defector President and every actions
or decision from the Villa.

The Trio are said to hold firmly the Villa angle where every Minister,
APC chieftains etc that wants to see the president must go through
either in writing or get their permit, where it is not so, the visitor
is asked to put in writing what  his visit are for and this is given
to the chief of staff who together with Duara reads through and draft
supposed memo from the president either consenting or directing what
to do such that no minister presently in Nigeria can claim to have had
a one on one interaction with the President in the Past six months and
not even the Vice- President as they all pick their memo and directive
from the Chief of staff who together with Mamman Duara drafts all
instructions which are handed down as the directive of the President.

It was this same scenario that played out between Ibe Ukachukwu and
the Group managing Director NNPC as Baru was taking all directive from
the Chief of Staff whereas all letters by Kachukwu to the President
stops at the desk of the chief of staff who incidentally is the back
bone of Baru on all actions by omission or commission in the NNPC and
the same situation is applicable in all ministries where all ministers
reports and pick directive through the Chief of Staff who together
with Duara Mamman runs the show in the Villa and forms the key leaders
in what is today known as the Cabal in the Presidency as nothing, just
nothing goes on without their input.

The Trio of the chief of Staff to the President, Mamman Duara and the
Director of the state Security services today remains the most
powerful men in the present APC government as they control, rules and
dish out instructions, contracts etc in the name of a President that
Presently seem to be working more as a ceremonial Executive President
in a Presidential System of Government,

As a matter of fact almost eighty percent of contracts awarded in this
Government according to Daily Watch investigations were done directly
or indirectly through the cabal without going through any form of due
process and this all the serving minster know and accept in good faith
except for the recent outburst by the Minister for State For Petroleum
Ukachukwu Ibe who seem to be more of a Technocrat than the other
Politician ministers who are much more concerned with their political
future than disagree with the laid down protocols

With Ibe Ukachukwu outburst, some other stories and serious
infractions in (PINE)  Presidential Initiative on the North East where
contracts are been awarded like bazaar would soon also be exposed as
grumbling is also said to be very high in that same committee and many
more where corrupt practices has become the fastest way.

Daily Watch attempts to speak to the presidential Spokesman on how
powers seem to be coming through a non-elected man in the person of
Mamman Duara while the President Mohammadu  Buhari keeps playing the
ceremonial role was not possible despite three days of consistent text
and calls to the spokesman’s line


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