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Just in: Leaked Memo Exposes Buhari Ministers as liars



     *Plot to divert attention from loot list as against those reinstated Maina


ABUJA- That the Presidency would stop at nothing to hide corruption when it
concerns its own and when caught push such blames to others is
becoming clearer as leaked Memo from the Head of Service has confirmed
Daily Watch expose weeks back  that President Buhari was in the Know
of Maina reinstatement and even personally directed his protection
using the DSS and Police.

While the Presidency came out in the outset of the Maina gate to
claim innocence when the Maina family came out to expose the Buhari
led government of hiding corruption as they invited their son to help
in  the change agenda the Presidency and APC on the top of their
voices almost insulted the Family of the Pension thieves and other
news out let that confirmed full complicity of the Presidency over the
Maina gate affairs which till date the Presidency is still fighting to
divert attention from as they are trying to shift the question from
who  reinstated Maina to those that got what in the Maina loot as the
Presidency is pursuing a deal with Maina already to work with the
government in court rather than first expose those that collected
2billion from Maina like the Chief of Staff to the President, Minister
for Justice and the Minister of Interior who were all as involved as
the President in the Maina recall, re instatement and Promotion saga.

A memo just leaked from the office of the Head of Service (HOS)  as
usual confirmed Daily Watch story that President Buhari was fully
culpable and  as such would not relieved anyone of  their Post on
account of the Maina saga since according to the Memo with Reference
number HSCSF/LU/COR/FCSC/750/T and dated 17th Oct2017 titled
Re;Abdulrasheed Abdullahi Maina the HSO confirmed not just dropping a
warning about Maina’s re engagement but met the President one on one
to warn him on the implications in the Civil service for bringing back
a sacked civil servant who is a wanted thief but that the President
kept mute because he was aware and gave the approval for Maina coming
back on his been convinced by the Minister of justice and   that of
Interior after collecting several Billions.

Already the Presidency has commenced tricks again to kill the whole
disgraced occasioned by the Maina saga and have formally   brokered a
deal with Maina but this time rather than fire those in the whole
Maina reinstatement Saga for which the Presidency, APC and the
President cabal are involved they are  blaming the PDP as if the
PDP forced them to reinstate Maina.

To this end Daily watch can confirmed that the Presidency they have
opted to make Maina give out the list of beneficiaries of the loot
thereby stopping Nigerians from asking how the man came back to the
services but concentrate on all issues relating to the looted sum and
those involved in the Maina bazaar and by so killing the call for the
exposure of all those involved in the return of Maina which is the
most crucial part of the Maina gate.

Already the EFCC, ICPC and Agencies of the Presidency are said to be
giving out stories on Pension loot in the U.k and the release of
pension thieves’ names but reluctant to say who reinstate Maina which
is the major issue that Nigerians are asking.

Attempts to speak to the EFCC spokesman on why the focus now is on
Maina list which has been with the EFCC ever since Maina was declared
Wanted when Nigerians are clamouring for names of those that brought
Maina in on collection of 2billion naira, the EFCC spokesman said he
would get back to Daily Watch but this was not to be until our going
to press.




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