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Just in; Kogi State Govt in alleged Multi-Million Naira Fraud Deals


KOGI -Tension seem to be the word to describe the state of affairs in the
North Central state of Kogi amongst the state work force if the
situation on ground is not sorted out the days ahead as the state
Civil Servants are said to be planning not just for a state wide
strike but a massive demonstration against the Executive Governor of
the State  Alhaji Idris Wada over not just the several months of
unpaid salaries, inspite of the receipt of the several trenches of
bailout fund but the brazen looting going on the state  that has
financially grounded by the consistent and unrestrained
looting by the executive arm of Government epitomised by the
Governor himself.

The looting galore which has seen the Governor building two
multi billion naira Mansion in his village  in  less than two years
in power has also seem in erecting a five star hotel in a joint
venture with one of  the suspected sons of the President in far away


Investigations in Kogi by Daily Watch Confirms a deliberate
and intentional refusal of the state Government to Pay a single Salary
of the several months of areas of the local Government workers said to
be running into 16 months and that of the state Civil Servants who are
said to be groaning from starvation and hunger while the governor is
said to be gallivanting all over Dubai and Europe buying properties
with the released bailout fund which was meant for the worker’s

In the Proceeding weeks Daily watch would bring you detail
exposition on the several Houses and properties of the Kogi state governor
IdrIs Wada which are not captured in His assets Declaration form with
the code of conduct Bureau.


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