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Just in;Shocker as FG infiltrates into IPOB, N/Militants, allegedly Sponsors New Group with N5billion






WARRI- That the Federal Government is now taking serious, the threats posed by the IPOB and the Niger Delta Militants seem true after all,if detail investigation by the Daily Watch is anything to go by.

Already, the Federal Government is said to be in thick of plots not only to frontally deal with the IPOB led by Nnamdi Kanu with the use of brute force. But has adopted  the crude principle of using subterfuge to deal with the IPOB and the Militants

To this end the Federal Government through the Department of State and Security  are said to be marshalling out discreet plans to sponsor and set up alternative  but similar group like the IOB in the East and a new Militant group in the South South that would go against the Two groups with an intent to not only to divide the groups but create serious conflict as was done with the Ogoni five that  resulted in the killing of Ken Saro Wiwa and the eventual decimation and neutralization of the once vibrant Ogoni struggle.

Daily Watch can authoritatively reports that federal government through the office of the federal amnesty programme, headed by Brigadier Paul Boroh has allegedly donated huge sum of millions of nairas to sponsor another group to divide the Chief E. Clark led Pan Niger Delta Forum, PANDEF, the group mandated in 2016 by the militants to negotiate on behalf of Niger Delta region.

Controversy crept in when the federal Government sponsored Niger Delta group which first announced its leader as one young wealthy youth, Chief Mike Loyibo as leader of the new group, Niger Delta Peoples’ Congress, PNDPC. This is perfectly orchestrated  as distraction to the real group by the cabals.


The said coalition of nine militant groups, which convened by the leader of the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers, RNDA, self- styled “Major General Johnmark Ezonbi, announced the withdrawal of the approval given to the Pan Niger Delta Forum, PANDEF, the umbrella body of monarchs, leaders and stakeholders of Niger Delta region, led by former Federal Commissioner for Information, Chief Edwin Clark, by militants in the Niger Delta,


Chief E.K Clark


There have been several disclaimer press statements made in respect of the nine coalition militants who have come out to distance themselves for using their organizations to give approval to a new group to negotiate with federal Government.

They described the new group, Pan Niger Delta Peoples’ Congress, PNDPC, to take over further dialogue with the Federal Government from Clark-led PANDEF with replacement by Pan Niger Delta Peoples’ Congress, PNDPC a young Niger Delta activist, Chief Mike Loyibo as leader, a scam, noting that there has not been any meeting among major militants group or ex-militants at anywhere and urged the public not to consider them serious.

File: Militants

But barely 24 hours later, it restyled Loyibo as Coordinator and named former national chairman of the Traditional Rulers of Oil Minerals Producing Communities of Nigeria, TROMPCON, and paramount ruler of Seimbiri Kingdom, Delta State, His Majesty Charles Ayemi-Botu as Leader of PNDPC.

To get the plans afoot the federal government is said to have dole out over Five Billion Naira to oil the wheel of the two distinct groups that would rise in the South-East and South -South  zone to oppose and speak in opposition against the already established group with the simple intent of  not just casing confusion and discrediting the
uniqueness of the two groups but create serious confusion that would result in serious brouhaha  between the genuine and the government sponsored group that would eventually lead to the Military with a set mandate to intervene in such crisis and kill the genuine group.

As   a first step, a group is already said to be on ground backed by the Federal Government in the South-East with a huge war chest to pursue the government laid out agenda, the group which goes with almost similar name like the IPOB, just like the South-South Chief E.K Clark led PANDEF which is gradually in leadership crisis with replacement of a young sharp who can carry out federal Government mandate. But this time IPOBR has recently declared the leader of the IPOB wanted for what there termed as the desecration of the real Ojukwu  Biafra struggle; thereby. Setting the tone for the desired conflict.

How far the Federal Government would go in using this secret methodology to finally kill the struggle of the Biafra people for their independence and also neutralizes the Niger delta militants as
was in the case of the Ogonis” would only be seen and known as the plots gain momentum in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.



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