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Just in: Christian Militia sets to split blood for blood against Islamic Jihadists

FILE PHOTO: Niger Ex-militants

WARRI- A Christian group under the aegies of the Coalition of Christian Crusade Movement of Nigeria,COCCMON on Wednesday January 24 declared war against Jihadists masquerading as herdsmen in Southern and Northern Nigeria just as it called on Christians to resist every violent attacks against them.

In a statement signed by COCCMON,Comrade Israel Timi  Ade made the declaration with seven resolutions today.
The group called on Israel and the United States of America to get set for powerful supply of technical supports to prosecute the war against Jihadists.


The group which comprises of all Christian denominations youth radicals reacted to a purported call for Jihad by a Section of Fulani Muslims/Terrorists tactically laying claims to territories in Nigeria under the platform of herdsmen demanded that ammunition kept in trust  rolled into North Central,Middle belt and all Southern States to protect Christiana and brutally kill Jihadists that attack or attempt to overrun communities as well as put up a strong resistance in the affected areas.

The group threatened to bring down any cattle colony and bring down all occupants that trespass if the Federal Government goes ahead to approve any.

The Christians group also threatened to burn down three mosques if the the Jihadists/Boko Haram terrorists dare attack a single church in the North.

“That all christian youths be ready to prosecute this war with Godly heart and love for the corporate existence of the Nigeria State, constitutionally secular in Origin.

“Since the agenda to Islamize and capture Nigeria critically rest in the minds of the Northern ruling class,we urge all Southern ruling class to set the Christian agenda immediately.

“That our international allies(Israel and America) by this notice to get set for more powerful supply of technical support to prosecute this war against this very devils that has beclouded the country making it a nightmare for the common man.

“We shall write all Clergy Hierarchy to support this resistance or risk the consequences of loosing Christianity from this pretentious nation.”

The group stated that the Federal Government for its “indifference” in decisively dealing with the terrorists has,”Forced us into falling back to our aims to violently protect the Christians in both Southern and Northern Nigeria.”

The group said,”We hereby today as a radical christian group invoke the section of the Holy Book that empowers us that only the Violent takes it by force.


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