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IYC gives SPDC one week deadline to shut down  Forcados refinery over 50 sacked workers

By Cetus Opukeme, Warri
  Ijaw Youth Council (Western Zone) , has threatened to close facilities of SPDC Forcados Terminal  over alleged sacked 50 indigenous contract staff in Ogulagha kingdom in Burutu LGA of Delta state.
Aggrieved sacked indigenous workers have commenced a peaceful protest against SPDC operations in Ogulagha where the main entrance gate to the forcados terminal had been shutdown barely three days to register their displeasure.
In a press release signed by the Secretary of  IYC Western  Zone, Comr. Dr. Doubra Okotete stated that
SPDC management arbitrarily without considering the age long relationship  and sacrifices the host communities have made for an itch free business environment.
“IYC  condemned the decision of the management headed by Engr. Author Ovwagbedia –Forcados Terminal manager 1,  Engr. Anny Acholonu Forcados Terminal   Manager 2, and Engr. Patrick Ogun–Forcados Terminal Superintendent for sacking the only few indigenous workers in the company despite the low pay and injustice done to our communities for the past 60years of oil exploration and exploitation in our environs, it was imaginable sacking  indegenous workers despite thier efforts and services over the years without a second thought.
” The   leadership meeting of council  and youth leaders from Ogulagha Community led by the President Mr. Anthony Waterwei in Warri on the 15th September, 2020 has taken a very serious decision to tackle SPDC inhuman treatment on staff of its host communities.
“It’s  patinent to state that Forcados Export Terminal and Oil Pipeline System is the second largest network in Niger Delta, and transports oil, water and associated gas from fields in the Western Delta to the Forcados oil terminal,  Spdc and the federal government  should be ready to lose over  one million barrels daily in Ogulagha Kingdom if the anomaly isn’t corrected within one week. This is no joke as we are poised in ensuring that no single soul including the management team steps thier feet in Forcados terminal for operations without our indigenous workers been called back to resume work and apologies to not just the workers but also to the communities and kingdom . The action plan to occupy SPDC facilities is targeted in ensuring that non of the facilities operates: Forcados Tank Farm and Oil Terminal; Crude Oil Export Loading Platform Operated by Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC); South Bank Flow station; Yokiri Crude Oil Flow station; Yokiri Gas Lift Flow station; North Bank Flow station; North Bank Gas Station; Estuary Oil Flow stations I and II; Afremor A and B Flow station, which consist of 56 oil clusters and more than 250 oil wells and 30 gas reservoirs and other facilities operated by Spdc across the kingdom if this eyesore and wickedness is not corrected within the stipulated period.” He said.
According to him, “It’s very provocative and  nauseating  for some few elements all in the name of management to smuggle in thier relatives and friends day in day out to work in our communities while our youths sit idle and watch this anomaly go on year in and out like a circle. It is unacceptable and we shall  mobilise  massively our youths and women in ensuring  all forms of operations are put on hold and  cripple oil production activities across the kingdom  that will in turn affects the nations economy. Enough is enough for we shall put to an end this ugly act exhibited by Spdc at all time.
“Affirmatively, we forewarn the SPDC management team that if this hideous situation is not arrested within the ultimatum period, Ijaw Youths will have no other choice but to vent thier anger in ensuring operations are put on hold and  wish to emphasis  that the simple disposition and hospitality of our people in ensuring a peaceful and business friendly environment which in no small measure has contributed to the astronomical increase in the nation’s economy  should not be taken for granted” the statement warned.



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