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IYC 2023: I will run a viable IYC, if elected, Ebilade promises

Comrade Ebilade Ekerefe, IYC national Spokesman

By Esther Eugene, Yenagoa

The outgoing spokesman for the Ijaw Youth Council IYC, world-wide, Comr. Ebilade Ekerefe has stated that he would usher in a viable, positive and pragmatic leadership that will make entire Ijaw nation proud, if voted as national president.

He disclosed while speaking with Daily Watch exclusively in Yenagoa,


According to him he is capable, competent, courageous and understand the issues that affect the Ijaw Nation and problems of the Ijaw youths generally.

He stressed that he had notable ideas on how he could tackle youths unemployment in the oil companies which leads youths restiveness in Niger Delta.



Comr. Ebilade Ekerefe said, IYC is the platform for resource control and fiscal Federalism, it is an article of faith and the guiding principle of the Ijaw struggle.

He said, ” As spokesperson of the Ijaw Youth Council, I have been able to use the opportunity to build the capacity of our youth in the area of ICT, and also empowering them with Computer Laptops (stater packs)to become self sufficient and compete favourably with their counter parts outside. And of course, trend peace and stability in the Niger Delta.

“I believe that if I become the president of the Ijaw Youth Council IYC, I will extend the programme make it more robust in order for it to accommodate more persons in the Ijaw Nation.”

Comr. Ebilade said, it is not just the area of ICT that the youth could take advantage on, they could also take advantage on the agriculture sector.

He said if elected president, he would partner up with industries to get agricultural soft loan and grant that would enable the youth to get themselves involved in the agricultural value chain.

The 36 year old IYC presidencial aspirant, Comr. Ebilade Ekerefe, spokesman for the Ijaw Youth Council, expressed dissatisfaction over non compliance by most multinational Oil Companies operating in the Niger Delta.

” The various multinational Oil Companies that are operating in the Niger Delta, are not doing enough in terms of the various memorandum of understanding (MOU), and also the Petroleum industry Act (PIA) bill assigned is not working as it ought to.’ He noted.

According to him, his administration would ensure host communities are carried along by the multinational Oil Companies in the Oil and Gas business.

The youth leader promised that he would hold the multinational Oil Companies responsible and accountable as he is going to engage the Federal Government in a more robust dialogue to draw interventionists that supposed to carry out infrastructural development in the Niger Delta.

He said, “We can not apply similar methods and expect different results. This time we’re going to change the approach a mixed blend of radical and intellectual activism. We’re believing that we will be able to make fuse the both perspectives together to make the IYC viable and more vibrant as it is to be.”

However, building a stronger Ijaw digital economy, Comr. Ebilade aimed at integrating 301 Ijaw youths on ICT. Eighty of Ijaw Youths have undergone this laudable programme and were given Computer Laptops. And now ninety youth are undergoing the computer training.

He also stated that he is going to embark on scholarship for Ijaw Youths through NDDC, PDTF, PAP and bodies.


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