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It’s time Nigeria Govt make money from Cannabis – Sweet Brown

Sweet Brown

By Ogo Clarkson

Nigeria afro hip hop star, Sweet Brown has urged the federal government of Nigeria to see the need to invest in marijuana to boost the country economy.

The Lagos based music producer and song writer said a greater percentage of musical artist and other respected icon smoke weeds to enhance their performance but in a decent manner.


“For the Nigeria government to gain from it, first they need to legalize smoking of cannabis like the regular cigarette” .

“Marijuana usefulness is more than what you can imagine for human benefit”.

“It is medicinal and moral booster if use decently”.

Sweet Brown point out that Canada, Spain, Costa Rica, South Africa and Australia are among the top countries where weed are legalized with profitable benefit to their economic.

“Cannabis is a big business in europe and some other countries wherr serious business men invest in it including Nigeria businessmen.

He advised the Nigeria government to explore into it to ease the hardship facing the average Nigeria and help to fitch some fund to reduce the levels of international borrowing.


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