Home ENTERTAINMENT Is Tonto Dikeh in Sexual affinity with Cross dresser Boborisky?

Is Tonto Dikeh in Sexual affinity with Cross dresser Boborisky?

Tonto Dikeh and Dresser Boborisky


By Steve Seigha, Lagos

This seemed to be the one million Naira question in the lips of fans of  both  celebrities in the Country and Nigerians in general following the new found association and affinity between the duo which before now was mostly non exiting.

To get the readers to understand this while drama proper. Boborisky is a male Barbie who claims not be though not openly an homosexual that the same sex male and goes about dressing as a female in what is called a cross dresser in simple English and has totally changed his Skin colour to gain hi new status that seeing him or his pictures would tell you this is a female all in all rather than a mate which he is.

Tonto Dikeh on the other hand is a Nolly wood actress of high repute who some almost  running  years past got Married to one Churchill Olakunle a self made Millionaire and finally divorced and since then hell has actually become what it, is a grand fury of a lady in love or is it hate as she Tonto had thrown all the sacred cred of love.affinity and womanhood to the dustbin of thrash and entertained the Nigerian social media and Press general with every other weeks stories of her past marriage and the dirty part of it with the intent of rubbishing her divorced husband to whom she has a kid for,.

The crux of the matter is the new love or is it friendship between a cross dressing Barbie and this divorced Nollywood vixen  that both has become extremely too close for comfort such that most press interviews and briefings of Tonto against her estranged husband the Cross Dresser Boborisky is always Present to give support and was heard even recently confessing his uncommon love for the Nollywood actress that he can actually kill for the actress whom he Bobrisky loved so much if he is asked to bt the actress Tonto prompting many Nigerians to ask the necessary question as to if the self confessed  Homosexual,a me Barbie has now opted to become a bisexual and the new lover of the very depressed and pained Tonto Dikeh that  both are almost every were and exchanging serious love vows and statements in the social media clime.

Daily watch tried spiritedly to speak  the lady in the limelight Tonto Dikeh if her tales in the Social media of having notched a new lover as she proclaimed  the whole world would stop her vituperation against Churchill that has been on for close to two years after been divorced or if her new fund lover is the controversial Cross dresser Boborisky but was unlucky as the great actress never picked calls to her line before press time.





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