Home CRIME Is the Nigerian anti-robbery squad SARS set up for  Yahoo boys?

Is the Nigerian anti-robbery squad SARS set up for  Yahoo boys?


By Cletus Opukeme, Warri

This seemed to be the billion Naira question almost all Nigerians are asking the Inspector General of Police and the leadership of the anti Robbery Squad popularly called SARS following the several cases of over zealousness, harassment and even killings of several innocent Nigerians by the SARS group while chasing so called Yahoo Boys.

Daily Watch Findings across Nigeria confirmed that the SARS men main duty these days is simply looking for young well dressed men and Boys or beautiful and expensively driven cars to stop and harass over Yahoo and in most cases force the young men or occupants of the Cars at Gun point to ATM  to collect several hundreds and at time thousands of Naira as ransom under gun point.

In Lagos to Port Harcourt, Warri to Abuja and all over Nigeria, thieves, robbers and even kidnappers are having a field day while the ARS boys only concern is chasing after Yahoo Yahoo boys as if the SARS duty has now been tied to the arrest of the Yahoo boys whose arrest mandate is bestowed on the EFCC.

A visit to most Police station in the Country would see the arrest and detention of several young boys with the phones seized by the diverse anti crime gents all over the place asking for money from these young men and boys on the accusations of them been Yahoo Yahoo boy once a foreign phone number or contact is found in their phones and in some cases for at all been in possession of very expensive phone or clothing.

A three Week Surveillance on the SARS team in Warri, Port Harcourt and Abuja exposed a shocking trend by the SARs squad as regards this Yahoo issues as several young men have lost hundreds, thousands and even Millions of Naira to theses SARS boys who have with their guns become robbers themselves as they force Nigerians to Banks under the threat of been killed to use their ATM to withdraw whatever sum they see in the account as settlement fee.

In Warri, the SARS tram usually make use of the Popular Daudu Police Station and the Ekpan Police Post where they take young boys and their Phones to until they are ready and willing to call their brothers, family to Cough out whatever sun the SARs team demands for. Most  visible of the SARS team that takes boys to the Daudu Police Post is  a Hilux bearing SARS team 02 that is highly notorious in the act of rounding up just anyone on the streets, any holding good phones, driving nice car or well dressed and under the threat of gun force you to part with your phone ad handcuff you like a common criminal only to dump you at the popular Daudu and Ekpan Police Post until money is provided that’s if the arrested young man has no ATM card with him that would be used to force him to part with his pin for cash withdrawal.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the same scenario play out in Abuja, Lagos and other Big cities in Nigeria thereby forcing many to think that it is the new directive of the IG that Nigerians must not buy or use expensive cars, dresses or phones as any who does is automatically a Yahoo boy and the duty of the SARS operative to do the arrest and collection of money at gun point from such person or persons that is if they are not wasted (killed)(a term usually used by the SARS Operative) while trying to escape from the SARS team over  use of expensive phones or cars.

Daily Watch attempts here In Abuja to get the Views of Frank Mba, the Nigerian Police PPRO to confirm if the  so called reformed SARS operatives major duties now included to extort and arrest Nigerians for dressing well, using expensive Phones and cars as now prevalent all over the county and reported daily in both electronic and print media but was unable to get him as his phone rang repeatedly without his picking.




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