Home ENTERTAINMENT Is Sola Ogudu Wizkid baby Mama Stylishly seeking for peace?

Is Sola Ogudu Wizkid baby Mama Stylishly seeking for peace?

Sola Ogudu & Wizkid

*As she eulogized Wizkid new hit ‘Fever’ to the shock of Nigerians

*Many Nigerians called her names for changing gear

Nigeria musical genius Wizkid seemed to be having the better part of the laugh for now if the new song by his first bay Mama Sola Ogudu is anything to go by.

Daily watch like millions of Nigerians and ardent fans of the musical guru were taken aback months ago when saucy but beautiful Sola Ogudu, the first baby mama of Wizkid launched a systematic and none stop insults and tirades on Wizkid in a none stop internet, twitter and all known airspace to cast insults, opprobrium and scattering attacks on the Musical star.

She went as far as sharing to the nation several chart snaps between her and Wizkid and called him all types of names to the consternation of several fans and admirers of Wizkid all in an attempt to bring down the Music star who in all these kept mute.

The First baby Mama who term up with Wizkid 2nd baby mama literarily called Wizkid a useless father who had no time for his kids or cared a hut about his kids education and upbringing such that many Nigerians started seeing wiz kid as a very dishonorable personality.

In all these she and the 2nd baby mama spared not a 2nd to recall the good old days when the music star spoilt them silly with love and adorable attention and cash that endeared them to him to the extent of giving birth to two kids out of wedlock for him only to quickly turn around to paint the musical kid as evil and uncaring parents.

All these vituperations, insults and  seemed now to be in the past if the recent re-approach and praises of the same First Baby Mama Sola Ogudu on the musician is anything to go by as Sola Ogudu who before now had not seen anything good in  whiz kid was on air days ago to not only hail whiz kid new song titled ‘fever’ but confirmed to a fan of Wizkid on twitter that the song is what she is playing at the background of her discuss with the fan and praised the same to high heavens prompting any Nigerians and fans of Wizkid to wonder how Sola Ogudu is not taking a 360 degree turn around to again endear herself to Wizkid after several months of nonstop insults and  dishonor in the airspace.

Daily Watch struggled to reach out to Sola Ogudu on her recent change of utterances and new sing song about Wizkid was not possible but a close associates of Wizkid Fathia Taiwo described the praise of Wizkid and his Song by Sola Ogudu as that of a frustrated lady who after trying to destroy Wizkid and failing is now getting to woo him back so as to get some financial leverage from the Musical guru which she had expected but failed  with her massive blackmail, lies and casting of insults on Wizkid.







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