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Is President Mohammadu Buhari Infected?

Muhammadu Buhari and Abba Kyari


*As one of the two Ventilators in Gwagwalada Teaching Hospital has been secretly moved to the Aso Rock Villa.

By Lucky Ojigbo, Abuja

This seemed to be the one Million Naira question pervading the Aso Rock Villa and Nigeria following the secret removal of one of the two ventilators located at the Gwagwalada Specialist Hospital to Aso Rock.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that some few days ago, one f the two working ventilators at the Hospital was secretly removed from the hospital and ferried under tight secrecy and security to the Presidential Villa few days after the defector President and Chie of Staff to President Mohammadu Buhari confirmed Positive to the Convid 19 Virus and presently been speculated to have been moved to the Gwagwalada centre.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the secrecy and speed with which the ventilator was moved showed and intent to hide the identity of someone who is inside the Presidential Villa and already tested Positive to the Virus but which the Cabal are unwilling to openly inform Nigerians about.

While the Government and Presidential term are painstakingly feeding Nigerians with the tales of President Buhari been Convid Negative and resuming for work few days ago, insiders in the Villa confirmed not seeing the President in his office as at the 230pm stated by the Press release with concrete suspicion pointing towards the direction of a sick President as a result of been infected with the Convid 19 Virus.

While Daily Watch cannot state with exactitude if the President is really infected, all indications points to the very shocking facts of such infection as the Ventilator as at the time of this write up still seats at the Aso Rock Villa when it is serious needed in the Gwagwalda Hospital thereby pointing to a high necessity for it to still remain where it is secretly moved to, which is the Aso Rock Villa.

Daily watch attempts to reach out to the New Media and the crowd of Media boys on the secret movement of the Ventilator and the refusal of the Presidency to allow for Nigerians to see their President live on television was not possible as everyone kept sealed lips thereby fueling even more the speculation that something sinister,secret is happening in the Presidential villa.




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