Is Nollywood diva Yetunde Akinlapa under a curse, Spell or just kleptomaniac?

Yetunde Akinlapa

*As she gets caught again in stealing moves the fifth time.

*Beaten and battered before been handed to the Police

This is not the best of time for Nollywood diva Yetunde Akinlapa one of the prolific role interpreter  in the Yoruba genre of movie as she was again arrested weeks ago and handed over to men of the Nigerian Police after been battered.

Yetunde who is extremely a beauty and highly gifted in role interpretation seemed to be under what many of  her loving fans termed a spiritual curse, spell or just suffering from kleptomania following the consistent disgraceful act her stealing methodology has caused here and her family repeatedly.

Daily Watch findings has it that like it has always been she was caught with sets of master keys attempting to break into some apartments t Ajao Estate off Oluwalogbon, Ketu in Lagos state just December 6th and beaten and battered seriously before been handed to men of the Nigerian Police Force.

Daily Watch findings as it that this is not the first time the beautiful role interpreter has been involved in this shameful ct that seemed to have defied all logical explanations as all her exploit is of similar nature of using master keys o open and cart properties in Houses she targets for her exploits.

Daily watch spoke to several of her friends who refused to get their names in print and they confessed that the stealing traits of the beautiful actress is much more than meets the eyes as she most time involved in stealing cheap house hold properties which she can easily have bought by virtue of her unique role interpretation in the Yoruba genre of  movie.

While none is willing to openly associate with the film actress now in time of her disgraceful exploit many are of the views that she needs spiritual help rather than vilification and insults as the whole thing might not be ordinary as she had several been caught in the same act severally with the one that came to mind been that of 2013 that was documented with the police while several others which never reached the Police station was also mentioned by those in the know.

Attempts y Daily watch to reach the actress and hear her own side of the stealing spell for which she has been disgraced several times was not possible as at press time just as the Lagos state Police command when contacted said that they have not yet been briefed of the crime.

Dec 6th at Ajao estate off Oluwalogbon, ketu lagos.caught  2013, 2013



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