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Is Nigeria music diva Simi already pregnant for Adekunle Gold?

Simi Gold and Adekunle wedding

Recently the entertainment world and Nigeria especially was agog with the secret Marriage between Nigeria Queen of Songs Popularly called Simi to Adekunle Gold another notable Nigerian Musical Act in a grand and well hailed marriage some few weeks back.

The Marriage which had in attendance just 300 trusted friends and family of the couple and the secrecy  in a secret location in Nigeria  has started creating another buzz all over again but this time the buzz seemed to be of a positive vibration or how does one described the new bulge discovered in the tummy of Simi the  wife of Adekunle just few weeks after their secret wedding.

Daily Watch investigations from sources close to the musical couples confirmed that the songstress is truly pregnant and one of the reasons the marriage was rushed so as not to have their first child out of wedlock or go with the now famous baby mama and baby father title that has become the trend with most celebrities in the country.


Daily Watch sources put the Pregnancy at about three to four mounts which means that in the next five to six months Mr. and Mrs.  Simi Adekunle Gold would be proud father a development that has again set the entertainment scene on fire of joy for the very popular couples.

Daily Watch wishes the couples a  great marital life and the coming of the young musical genius because that is certainly what must be when two great and glorious musical gurus opt to get married or what is your view reader?





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