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Is Miyiti Allah Breeders (MACBEN), are part of the Buhari’s Government?

File Photo. Boko Haram militants lined up with RPG weapons


*As most of their utterances, release always tallies with that of the Buhari”s Government.

This seemed to be the billion Naira question Many Nigerians are asking following the similarity in views, utterances, policy statements and policy decisions of the Present administration led by their Life Patron President Mohammadu Buhari.


Daily Watch research confirmed several strategic Policy and statements of the government of the day which not only comes out almost at the same time with statements of the herdsmen but tallies in every way and forms with that of the killer herdsmen umbrella body the Miyitti Allah Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBEN).

When the Federal Government through the Minister for Agriculture came out to address Nigerians about the need to import Grasses from Brazil for the private business of the herdsmen, it was announced by the Minister just two days after the herdsmen made the same request of wanting Brazilian grasses for their cattle. Again when the issue of Fulani heard men and their killings started almost all the Federal government officials that commented spoke in line with the defense put up but the herdsmen for the reasons of the killings all over the country.

While the herdsmen claimed the killings had to do with the Anti grazing laws passed by the Benue Government, the Minister for Defense also toe the same line, attributing the killings in the Benue to the anti grazing laws of Benue state and the blocking of grazing routes as the course.

When Miyiti Allah leaders claimed the mass killings in plateau happened for the killings of over 300 cows, the President the next day also gave the same reasons for the killings in plateau but also added for emphases that some Fulanis were also killed with the missing 300 cows hence the bloodbath which he termed as mere farmers/herders clash.

The same thing also came up when Miyitti Allah vows to deal with any who fails to give out land for ranching, the next day the President Spokesman came on Channels Television to warn Nigerians to give out their ancestral land or die in the hands of killer herdsmen, another clear position of the herdsmen and MACBEN members.

Just days ago, the APC led Government vowed that the Senate President Bukola Saraki must vacate his exalted seat by legal or illegal means and this has been the Position and song of the APC Chairman Adams Oshiomole ever since he came to power and two days ago the same announcement was given by the leader of the Benue State Branch of the Miyiti Allah breeders Alhaji  Gololo that the Senate President must resigned or forced to do so by the Herdsmen jut a word only short of  how the Breeders would force an elected Senate President out of office,

In almost all State Policy of this administration, the herdsmen speaks in the same language and tune with the government forcing many to ask of the affinity between the Buhari”s administration and the killers herdsmen that has made killing a trade mark of this administration.

Daily Watch Spoke to  a social Critic and Lawyer Mathew Agan from Benue state who has this to say “we Nigerians are simply fooling ourseves  believing the herdsmen are diffret from the APC led Federal Government but any wise and dispassionate Observer would see that from all their utterances the two are in tune and meets always hence their common comments and threats to Nigerians”

To General  Maxwell Udoh, a Niger Delta Militant and leader of the (NBSF} “Only fools and extreme ones would deny the fact that the APC government and the herdsmen are working hand in hand under this administration or how come both trade in the same excuses, statements and utterances in almost all negative issues in this country? It is simply the more you look and the less you see”.

To Past Isaiah Patrick of the New Pentecostal Mission Jos “the government is simply not frank with us the citizens of this great country on her affinity with the killer herdsmen who are roving and killing with impunity, killing as if Nigeria has no security yet their leaders are known, their leaders speaks every day, the same language and excuses of this government. Is there not something happening between both?”





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