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IPOB may go for guerilla warfare; Gives ultimatum to FG to Produce Kanu



*As members vote for Arms struggle


ABA-A new phase in the battle between the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and the Nigerian Government seem set to occur as the IPOB is set to move from their non violent agitation to another phase as a result of the Military Invasion in what the Military labeled Operation Python Dance 11 that has left the respected leader of the IPOB Nnamdi Kanu missing ever since the attack on his residence by the Military with both sides trading stories over the whereabouts of the Leader of the IPOB.

Daily Watch gathered that  in a meeting held recently by the leaders of the IPOB who are said to be angry over the refusal of the Military and Federal Government to come out clean on the whereabouts of Kanu Nnamdi the Group  and leadership is said to be toying with the idea of taking up arms in their battle as against their non-violent agitation which many of them are claiming to be not effective considering the fact that violent groups like the Herdsmen are having better fun and respect from the government than the IPOB which has been classified as a terrorist organization for being non-violent making it attractive for them to toy the armed struggle which to many  of them  seem attractive and much more  better.

Already the media spokesperson for the group Emmanuel Power alluded to this new phase of thought among leaders of the IPOB when in his media brief yesterday pointedly told the Federal Government  to produce Kanu in his trial today in the court as failure to do so would leave  the IPOB with no other choice than to take the struggle to a higher and a more deadly level.

In the words of Emmanuel Power  ‘‘ one outcome of the refusal of the Nigeria Government refusal to provide Nnamdi Kanu id guaranteed, should Nigeria not produce our leader Nnamdi Kanu  on the 17th Of October 2007, there will inevitable confrontation on a scale the human mind cannot imagine, at a time and place of our choosing’’.

Already Daily Watch investigations confirmed a majority call for the armed struggle option among the rank and file of the IPOB who see it as an insult for the Nigeria Military to not only proscribed a non-violent group that has not killed or take up arms while leaving a notorious group like the Fulani herdsmen  that has been involved in killings of Nigerians from all regions of Nigeria every passing week without any attack or proscription therefore making the armed struggle a far better option for the IPOB.


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