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If IPOB is an Igbo project, then Herdsmen are Fulani/Hausa Project, Says IPOB Security Chief


ONISHA- The indigenous  People of Biafra has taken exception to the statement
by a second republic senator Junaid Mohammed that the IPOB is strictly
an Igbo Project and totally financed by the Igbos.

According to the IPOB, Junaid Mohammed has not said anything wrong or
bad but only that he shouldn’t have ended his statement at the
position he did but go further to also state who the Fulani herdsmen
are and who also strictly sponsor them.


In the words of one of the ardent members of the Group who spoke to
Daily Watch reporter almost immediately after Junaid Mohammed press
release Ifeanyi Isiekene a member of the IPOB Security team  said that
‘’truly Junaid hit the nail on the head  as IPOB is truly the Projects
of the Igbos but he should have also added whose Project the rampaging
and killer headsmen are if not the Hausa Fulani Project and also
sponsored by the Hausa Fulani’s hence the Refusal of a Fulani
president and Mohammed himself over the years to see nothing or say
nothing about the killing, maiming,  and raping of their brother
headsmen sponsored by the Hausa Fulani’’.

Continuing the IPOB Secret Security member asked the likes of Orji
kalu and Rochas Okorocha to learn from Mohammed who is quick to give
reasons for IPOB proscription supported by the elders and governors
but silent on the Fulanis who had killed more People far above even
the Boko Haram sect that like the herdsmen are also sponsored by the
Hausa Fulanis too.

In the words of Ifeayin Isiekwene added ‘‘What do you say about the
sponsorship of Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram sect Mr.Junaid Mohammed?
No idea about their sponsorship?, but I tell you for free, both, just
like the IPOB are Igbos Projects are also clearly an Hausa Fulani
projects sponsored by same Hausa Fulanis too with the Islamization

It would be recalled that just a day ago one of the most outspoken
elders from the North Junaid Mohammed ,a second republic senator came
out to say that whether the South East governors likes it or not the
IPOB has been proscribed and classified as a terrorist organization
and nothing can be done since the IPOB is an ‘’Igbo Project’’ that is
financed by Igbos in his words “IPOB is an Igbo Project so don’t
confuse yourself, the Igbos are the ones  financing it and I Don’t
care if the South East Governors, Senators support the Proscription or

Daily Watch
attempts to get Mohammed to respond to the question of
Ifeayin Isiekwene on whose projects the herdsman are  was not possible
as at the time of going to press.


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