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IPOB Declares Orji Kalu a Traitor




*Accused of collecting billions to hoodwink Nnamdi in Kuje.


  *Lie to get reprieve over corruption cases.



 Orji Kalu

ABA- The Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) has come out to label Ex-Governor of Abia State Orji Kalu not only as a Pathological liar but one who has sold his Soil to the Hausa Fulani for   peanuts to help kill the Biafra dream.

The IPOB, the Umbrella body of the Igbos Fighting for the freedom of the Biafra was reacting to the statement by Orji Kalu to the effect that Nnamdi Kalu the leader of the IPOB is in London where he left for through Malaysia.

In a discuss with Daily Watch IPOB spokesman Emmanuel Power described Orji as one of the leaders from the South East that went to the Villa to collect several amount of Dollars that he would talk Kanu out of the Biafra struggle when Kanu was at Kuje and did fail, he also likened him to a man that has lost respect in the South East because of his Loyalty to contracts and cheap money from the Nigeria Government which he most time collects to insult his own people, he asked him to learn from the Fulani leaders and Arewa  leaders that keep mute even when Fulani kills in thousand and even Warn Nigerian Government against arresting Arewa Youths that issues quit notice to Igbos.

In his words ‘’ Can’t  men like  Kalu and other foolish Igbo leaders learn from the Ango Abdullahi and other Hausa/Fulani elders that see nothing till date wrong with Fulani killer Herdsmen and  even Warning Government against arresting of Arewa Youths that gave notice to the Igbo. Why are our own elders and leaders so foolish and myopic’?”

According to the Spokesperson of the IPOB Mazi Power Orji Kalu tantrums is not new or strange as all his life he has been a traitor and betrayer from time and was in his element when he came out to tell the world that Nnamdi Kanu is now in Malaysia from where he passed to London without shamelessly telling Nigerians how Kanu who was reportedly at home minutes before the Army struck was able to find his way may be via Orji’s Kalu father’s International airport to Malaysia.

According to Power, Kanu statement is simply that of a man wishing to trade his honor, name and little respect left to get a reprieve for the corruption and looting of Abia state case that is hanging on his head.

In the words of Power “ Orji Kalu has been a serial traitor and liar as he was also involved with the Federal Government after Collecting several Millions in Dollars to run to Kuje Prison to plead, Cajole and asked Nnamdi Kanu to drop his agitations for Freedom and several millions of naira to which Nnamdi turned down, today he has become spokesperson for the Nigerian Army and the Federal Government ,knowing who and when the good officers he so called them maimed and killed several people and also was  there when Kanu escaped to Malaysia via Kalu Father’s international airport in Igberre. As a notable traitor to the Igbo cause he would continue to wallow in his lose of respect, prestige, esteem etc in Igbo land as a notorious traitor and  pathological liar’’

Emmanuel Power like the IPOB lawyer  also stated that Kalu been so aware of how Nnamdi escaped to Malaysia would be added under Oath to come to the Court to help unravel the position of  Kanu Nnamdi and where in London he met or saw him.

In the words of Nnamdi Kanu’s Lawyer Ifeanyi  Ejiofor ‘’Orji Kalu has been running his filthy mouth as a means to get reprieve for the several billions he looted from Abia state since as a drowning man he is looking for ways to get through to the gods of the Villa and be in the good books of the APC to be freed of his albatross corruption and lootings like many others escaped justice through change of allegiance and betrayals but this time he would be joined via Oath to explain to the Court better where Kanu is.“

Already the word in the whole of Igbo land among IPOB and her sympathizers is that Kalu Orji is a notorious sell out, a unique Traitor and a wholesome betrayal to the Igbo cause but always silent when Igbos were Killed by Hausa Fulani Soldiers, when Igbos were sacked, Marginalized and massacred by the Hausa Fulani in the name of Herdsmen even in Orji Kalu’s own state of Abia.

Attempts by Daily Watch to get Orji  Kalu response to the barrage of accusations

and answers as to who phoned him about Nnamdi London location as all family of Nnamdi  Kanu has denied ever speaking to the ex -Governor proved abortive as his two lines remained Switched off.


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