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INVESTIGATIONS: Indicted looters now flood Buhari’s administration




*As cabal boys hold swing and EFCC becomes a mere bull dog against them




ABUJA-The statement by the Late Afro beat Singer Fela Anikulakpo kuti  popularly called Ebami Eda (strange Spirit) that Authority Stealing is much more deadly than armed robbery seem like  a fact after all if what is playing out in the  Buhari led Government is to be used as a stand point.

Daily Watch investigation has confirmed that several top political and other office holders in the administration are men who have either been indicted or found wanting in diverse ways corruption wise while some others have their cases and case file stalled intentionally by the EFCC to pave their return or continuous hold to their positions.

Daily watch investigation confirm a deliberate unending investigations and at times unwillingness in prosecution of several persons close to the cabal in power  thereby totally defeating the whole essence of the anti-corruption war.

Take the case of the present boss of the NHIS Professor Yusuf Usman who was indicted for fraud amounting to 919 million naira and sundry others after EFCC investigations but rather than been prosecuted quickly re-instated by the cabal in the Presidency on the payment of certain percentage to the cabal and allowed back into his exalted position and all investigations and Prosecution plot of the EFCC stopped.

Another glaring and shocking case is that of the Present Registrar of the National Judicial Council (NJC) the  body regulating the sacred  Judicial arm of Government Gambo who as before now the Registrare of the Supreme court from where he was dropped for stealing over 2 billion Naira and was already facing trial for his theft but shockingly all cases was dropped by the EFCC and the indicted thief promoted to the NJC as registrar.

Another shocking Scenarios was the promotion of the Indicted Ex Chaiman of the EFCC chief Lamorde who was serious indicted for looting the EFCC and unable to account for several millions of Dollars and Properties seized from corrupt Nigerians but rather than been sacked to face his trial he was elevated and now seats as the head of the Federal Government crime out fit in Lagos the SFU as a commissioner.

If that is not scary enough then take the case of the Ex Secretary to the Federal Government Indicted by the Senate for Gras cutting deals and loot and got sacked after months of hide and seek by the Presidency only to not only be allowed to go home but given the onerous task of picking his successor Boss Musterpher who incidentally his  own cousin to replace him in a trade off to make him shut his mouth on the whole looting and people behind same in the Presidency under the Presidential Initiative on the North East (PINE).

Another Shocking case is the NNPC Group Managing Director who sits on top monumental looting and corrupt practices that has never been seen in the history of Nigeria as Baru and the Presidential Cabal alone knows what and who received over 450 billion  unbudgeted naira as subsidy payments under the same Government that claimed Subsidy claims and payments are all frauds.

Again ,is the case of the Minister of Interior, a man with lots of corruption baggage tied all over his waist right from the Military report that led to his leaving the Nigeria Military Unceremoniously for looting the 144 Military Hospital in Kaduna dry yet given the great portfolio of Minister for Interior from where he recently got himself a beautiful mansion in the town of Boston in USA and the Government and EFCC looking the other way.

Also worthy of Mention is that of the unofficial Secretary of the Cabal, the President Chief of Staff Alhaji Abba Kyari whose name rings a bell in almost every corruption exposed deals in the Prsnt administration and most importantly the collection of 400million naira bribe to reduce fine given to MTN by the NCC.

What about the Director of the DSS and his reportedly blowing of over 21 billion dollars in less than one year that was left behind by his predecessor that was part of the brouhaha and eventual blockade the EFCC had when it went on the arrest mission of the ex-DG of DSS and NIA, today the case is as good as dead and the man still seats in power over others.

The Nigerian Attorney General bribe and Maina saga is still fresh in our memory. What is still in the secret is who got what for Maina’s reinstatement, Security and settlement to get APC governorship ticket for 2019 before the whole bubble burst. All the AG of the Federation are seating firm in their respective position despite the whole scam.

What about the 44million Dollars missing from the coffers of the NIA under the watch of the Chadian DG Abubarkar Rufai who having failed his Promotion Exams four times was still lifted above more qualified Directors for the purpose of visiting the money in the NIA vaults that the DG before El-Rufai was said to have refused overtures to share the dollars in the vault

Daily watch investigations confirmed that in almost all positions, ministry etc in the Present government the cabal has indicted personnel as their man Friday in charge to work for the financial interest and gains of the Cabal.

Attempts to get the views of the Presidential media team on theses several cases of indicted thieves still holding key positions of authority was not possible as none was willing to comment on the issue.



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