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Investigations: Different requirements for new recruits into Nigerian Army,Police,Para-military



            *South South, South West, South East and North Central must have school Certificates

            *North East and North West Primary six certificates or Certificates in Islamic practices needed

ABUJA- Tension seem to be pervading the Nigerian police and the Nigerian Military following the Discovery that over the years different rules, requirements are used for the recruitment into the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian police force to the Detriment of some section of the Country.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that recruitment into most of the Military and Para Military in Nigeria are skewed to favor of the  two regions in the Country ,The North East and the North West which jointly provided the Majority of those recruited compared to that of other regions and in some cases jointly much more that the recruitment of the South South, South East and South West put together.

Also discovered is the use of different criteria in the recruitment processes.

While those from the South South, South East, South West and North Central are recruited strictly on the presentation of a Scholl Certificate as basic Requirements and which is constitutionally fixed those from the North East and North West most often than not got in with mere Primary Six Certificates, evidence of attending a Secondary School and dropping out or a certificate from any Islamic centre in the North.

Daily Watch investigations confirm that this had been the case several years back and why you easily discover many Northern recruits who cannot speak or write simple English but yet were able to gain recruitment into the Police, Nigerian army and other Paramilitary organizations in the Country and at times rise to very high positions when like in the Police Force,  i the law stipulates that those without a particular qualifications cannot go above

Inspectorate level.

This recruitment of unqualified boys into the Police, military and Para military is said to still ongoing even till date as all it needs to get anyone into the Military, Police or Para military from the North East and North West is simply getting a note from a prominent Northern religious leader, Emir or district head and the school Certificate requirement is kicked to the dust bin.

This trend according to investigations started far  In the early days of Independence when the North has fewer candidates with School certificates for recruitment as such waivers were given for some sharp pupil to move into the Police and the army which gave room for men Like President Mohammadu Buhari, a Secondary school dropout t get into the Nigeria Military and shocking against all laid out laws against such person hitting the officers cadre made it to becoming a General in the Nigerian military and the same Situation according to investigations is still shockingly ongoing  in Nigeria today.

Daily Watch  series of attempts to reach out to the Nigerian Defense headquarters of how so many Military boys who cannot speak English or write simple English got themselves into the Nigerian Military knowing that the entry recruitment requirements stands as School certificates was totally rebuffed by the Military officers and the defence spokesperson who all refused commenting.




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