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Investigation: Real reason Presidency/EFCC can never put Babachir Lawal on trial



         *Afraid of the revelations of several loots involving several relations and in-laws of Mr. President

         *Scared of the uproar that would greet the Multi Billion lootings in PINE.


Babachir Lawal

ABUJA-As the Federal Government through the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and other Security Agencies intensify the Charging of several opposition members and several Critics of the Government to court as stipulated under  the MAXIM X documents many Nigerians are asking when Babachir Lawal , Obanikoro and others would have their days in Court.

Daily Watch investigations in the seat of Power in Abuja confirm that the Presidency and the EFCC are reluctant to put the Ex- Secretary of the Federation popular called the Grass Cutter on trial not just as a result of the secret agreements reached with the Ex -Secretary of the Federation but the fear of what would come out of the mouth of the Ex Secretary if the Buhari Government try to disgrace him further by putting him up for trial.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that the initial reluctance of the Buhari Government to Sack Babachir is as a result of the monumental secrets and information on the disposal of the Ex secretary on the many high class dealings and lootings in the Buhari Government.

According to the investigations, even when Babachir sack was announced it was with speed that he was invited to the Villa and assured that though he had been sacked so as  assuage the monumental problem his continual retention in his position would create for the Government nothing untoward would be done to him after his sack coupled with the fact that he was also given the Privilege to not only pick his successor Mustapha Boss(who incidentally is his Cousin) but assured of his non trial and Contract Patronage once he accepts his sack without any noise.

It is this secret agreement that has made it difficult for the Presidency ad EFCC to put the ex-Secretary to the Federal Government on trial as he is said to have in his possession enough evidence of all the lootings that occurred under PINE (Presidential Initiative for the North East) from where several Billions was said to have been looted by son and senior cousin of the Big Masquerade.

According to the information, any attempt to put the Ex- Secretary, Babachir Lawal on trial would spill doom for the Presidency as he is expected to go on full scale exposure of all transactions, phony deals and contracts that occurred in PINE and the NNPC and involving many in the Presidential Villa running into several Billions.

According to investigations, it is this fear of the uncommon knowledge in possession of Babachir that has kept the Presidency and EFFC silent despite pressure to prosecute the Ex-Secretary to the Federal Government who today has become a rallying point in the Buhari for 2nd term pursuit in Adamawa state where he hails from as seen in the recent APC Congresses in the state where he played a great part.

Daily Watch also confirmed that every Files that has to do with Babachir  and  his Grass cutting  deals in possession of the EFCC has been hurriedly moved to the office of the Chief of staff to the President headed by Abba Kyree who has become the unofficial clearing House of all Petitions for investigations and prosecution in the EFCC.

Presently many more PDP and APC leaders who are vocal in the criticizing of the President would be hurriedly moved to court for several past and present Corruption cases just as many more are to be framed up, arrested  based on phony confessions of thieves, thugs, criminals and  self-acclaimed Boko Haram and herdsmen

Daily Watch efforts to speak with Wilson Uwujaren on why after several months and going to years, Lawal Babachir is still walking a free man and even partaking in affairs of APC in Adamawa when he is supposed to be in jail with the overwhelming evidence with the EFCC was met with stiff silence.

Also repeated test messages to the Presidential spokesman on why no trial for Babachir in this season when Jonah Jang, Ize Iyama, Rivers SSG are been rushed to court was also not answered too.



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