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Investigation: How multi -million naira bribe killed inquest into Tuocana multi-billion dollar scam by the Presidency

Muhammed Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari

*Why is the National Assembly silent all of a sudden over the anticipatory payments and inflated cost of jets?

That the hoopla over the planned impeachment of Mohammadu Buhari over anticipatory payments of several billions of dollars and mass inflation of the cost of the  Tacona aircraft died all of a sudden is no

more news what the news is truly is how this feat of killing all the noise and brouhaha was achieved.

Daily Watch investigations and findings confirmed that the total and conspirator y silent over this unrivalled and monumental scam by the National Assembly was not achieved with mere words of mouth but with high wired trade-offs between the executive and the legislator with the Country the loser at the end of it all as several billions goes with the wind.

Daily watch findings confirmed that the grave yard silent after several weeks of hue, cries and threats against the president for the payments which was not approved by the National Assembly was as a result of the gains from the scam filtering down to the members of the National assembly who were

said to have gotten several millions of Naira to forget about the planned inquest and investigations on how the President rushed to pay over 40 billion Dollars each for several Tocano aircraft which price was put at 10 million dollar by the International Aviation Agency and also purchased  at same price by the same Period by the Afghanistan government.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that the killing of the inquest was basically to hide the men who negotiated the payment of 40 million Dollars for a 10 million Dollar aircraft thereby fleecing Nigeria of over 30 million dollars par air craft.

Daily watch findings can be verified from the Aviation Agency where the prices for the same air craft Nigerian Government hurriedly paid 40 million Dollars for is put at 10 million Dollars  with Afghanistan government paying same 10  million for theirs.

The question to ask is why did the National Assembly that raised initial noise over the anticipatory payments and call for investigations suddenly went cool and quiet over this monumental scam involving the high and mighty in the Presidency? Simply because the men in the National Assembly have eaten so much too from the Aircraft scam which the Buhari administration is fighting tooth and nail to hide.

Daily watch serial attempts to speak to the spokesman of the Senate on Media and Publicity on what happened to the shouts, brouhaha and plots  by the Senate and planned investigations into the much talked about Tocano jets anticipatory payments without due process and the grave yard silence that the whole issue has now become was not possible as at the time of going to press.




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