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INVESTIGATION: Cabal perfects plot to rig 2019 for Buhari to return by any means



           *IG detailed to pick/post trusted/loyal Area Commanders and DPOs in South East, South South, North Central and South West

           *INEC Chairman, several Commissioners already compromised



ABUJA-The race to the Aso rock Villa seem already decided by the Cabal in the Villa if all information in the hands of Daily Watch is anything to go by as the Cabal in the Presidency has commenced series of ploy to get the President back to the Villa with or without the votes of the Nigerian voter  come 2019.

Apart from a widely known under age voters registration going in some parts in the Northern Nigeria. The cabal is hell-bent on using security chiefs and INEC official to rig the 2019 presidential election. This is happening with little knowledge of the seating President, Muhammadu Buhari who insiders said  is reluctant to  run for second tenure on health ground. But the cabal seems to ignore President Buhari’s health condition by doing so for their personal selfish ends to continue to stay in power, using the President as a ladder to perpetuate in power to amass wealth for themselves and their cronies.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the Nigerian Military and Police through their heads have already been compromised and co-opted into the 2019 game plan of Buhari.

According to Daily Watch investigations, the Military top brasses and the Inspector General of police have in a secret meeting with the cabal have been briefed on the need to look out for loyal and pro Buhari officers in the Military and Police to be posted to anti-Buhari states to help galvanize the rigging of the elections in conjunction with INEC whose officers also would have been total compromised by the top INEC officers.

The plot with INEC is said to be spear headed by a female National officer who is said to be a relation of Mohammadu Buhari and who once holds sway during the end of Jega’s tenure and to be in league with the INEC chairman who himself is a known relation of Buhari by virtue of consanguinity.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the plot of the Cabal is to return Buhari to power by every means possible having come in to the direct knowledge that the President would lost out in a free and fair elections as Nigerians are totally disenchanted with the President and his lackluster style of administration and his age.

Daily Watch can also confirmed that the Inspector General of Police is already said to be working at the directive of the Cabal as he has detailed a six man team headed by  A commissioner of Police that was involved in the Apo Six Killings and recently re instated into the  Nigerian Police via the instrumentality of the Police Service Commissions some few months ago to go round most of the zones and penciled down officers that would be loyal to the Buhari course for postings to states that seem highly unfriendly to aid the rigging.

Daily Watch can also confirmed that Several Billions has already been set aside for the President Buhari re election rigging plot as funds from PINES.NNPC Subsidy Payments, lootings from NIA,NHIS etc has all been moved to a dedicated accounts said to be  at the beck and call of the Cabal.

The twin Snag to the plot for now  are the resistance of retired generals like Olusegun Obasanjo,Ibrahim Babaginda,his former head of State Brother in Niger state and several others who had seen through the plot by the Cabal to use the ailing Buhari to rule and loot the country dry in another four years and the non committal for now by the President to the cabal members acceding to their pressure and entreaties for him to unequivocally consent to the 2019 game plan.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that while the President is said to be highly favorably disposed by his body language to the 2019 elections the Pleasure from his wife and his health seem to be is direct albatross as  his Doctors are said to have consistently warned him against the rigors of the Presidency not to talk of the campaign that follows an election where the president is expected to go round the country.

How these whole plots would work out in a country said to be highly charged against  a failed  Buhari government would be known in the several months ahead when all indices and plots would have  firmly be on ground by the Presidential Cabal.

Attempts to get the views of the opposition Party the PDP on the rigging ploy of the Cabal was not feasible as all messages to the PDP National Publicity Secretary was not responded to.



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