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INVESTIGATION: How Buhari’s Chief of staff, Abba Kyari over sees and crumbles EFCC as he decides who to probe

Abba Kyari


                   *Magu takes directive on who to probe from him

                   *Total disenchantment among trained investigators as hundreds of cases to investigate lies pending


Abba Kyari

ABUJA- The real reason the Nigeria anti -corruption fight has lost its momentum and  has and is still a mere slogan meant for the Opposition members alone and far from the real  corruption war Nigerians wanted is simply found under the wholesome powers of the Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, the strong man who takes decisions single-handedly on behalf of Mr.President and Nigerian Presidents.  

Daily Watch Investigations confirmed that the EFCC has become just a lame duck that has little or no powers to do the bidding of its own except it gets clearance from the Chief of Staff to the President who has totally usurped the powers of the EFCC in determining who, when, where and how investigations and cases are to be handled.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the almost religious silence of the EFCC in its wholesome task of getting all corruption alert investigated is tied to the influence of the Nations Chief of Staff who is now said to combine the office of the EFCC as an extension of his as the EFCC chairman does no raid, investigations etc these days without first getting absolute clearance from the office of the Chief of Staff to the President who holds forte for the cabal in the Buhari government.

Daily Wtch sniffing at the EFCC confirmed from insiders that the EFCC refusal to touch many high profile criminal acts by several men in Buhari’s administration can be traced to this unique interference of the Chief of staff.

Take the cases of Babachir Lawal, Ex and Present  NIA DGs, the Ex and Present  The DSS DGs looting of over 21 billion Dollars left by the ex- DG for which the Efcc was about arresting the duo of  Ex-NIA boss and the Ex Dss boss before going for the Present before they were stopped by resistance from the DSS and finally dropping of all the investigations on the orders and promptings of the Chief of Staff to the President.

Daily Watch sources in the EFCC confirmed that the Situation in the EFCC is so bad now that it is as if the Commission is dead since officers who are suppose to be in the field investigating high profile stealing and looting are lying idle in their offices awaiting clearance that would never come from the EFCC boss on the orders of the President Chief of Staff.

According to the Sources, the Only Investigations that is done with dispatch and without recourse to the Chief of Staff is those involving Yahoo boys and other smaller issues but once it concerns Politicians and other high profile cases, the EFCC Boss of necessity must seek for clearance from the chief of staff hence the state of almost paralysis in the affairs of the EFCC were the Chairmen is only seen going around every where giving speeches about superlative plots to deal with looters yet cannot act on the many cases of blatant and monumental lootings going on daily in the administration.

Presently there is said to be murmurings and general disenchantment in the Commission as many of the investigating officers are said to be angry with the chairman for stock piling petitions and reports that  nothing is been done about.

Daily Watch series of messages to the Spokesman of the EFCC Wilson Uwujeren on the new revelations about the strangulation of the EFCC to protect many thieves in the Present administration was not answered as at the time of filing this report.


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