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Investigation: Another 46.2 billion dollars secretly withdrawn from country coffers to pay for ‘supposed’ Jet



*As negotiations, agreements and payment shrouded in secrecy and handled by key President Cabal team.

     *Purchase not budgeted for or approved by National Assembly.


       *Several Millions of Dollars also before now withdrawn secretly without senate approval for Helipad in President compound

ABUJA-The wholesome looting and bleeding of the Treasury of the Country seem unabated despite the much talked about anti-corruption slogan of the Buhari’s administration with the secret withdrawal days ago of a whopping 46.2 billion Dollars without Approval of the National Assembly.

Daily Watch findings in Abuja confirmed that a secret withdrawal of over 46.2 Million Dollars without Budgetary or National Assembly approval was secretly withdrawn from the Nations account and paid to a company abroad in what the Government labeled as payments for an aircraft which no one in the administration is willing and ready to speak about and the aircraft which is not presently in any location in the Country.

Daily Watch findings also confirm that the said payment  for the aircraft which the secret withdrawal was made for by the Minister of Finance and the CBN Governor was said to have the approval of the President and commander in chief of the armed Forces Mohammadu Buhari but what is unclear is how the negotiation without due process was entered into by  two members of the President cabal who were said to have brought up the deal for the aircraft purchase for which the Federal Government hurriedly and secretly paid out the huge sum without National assembly approval.

It would be recalled that the Buhari’s administration is notorious for dipping its hands into the country’s account to take out money for whatever without approval of the National assembly and several cases in point are the over 3 trillion collected  as Subsidy payment by the Buhari team of NNPC boss and few in the Presidency, same for several millions of Dollars taken from the Federations account to build an Helipad in Buhari’s House in Duara that was not also approved by the National Assembly.

Already the Nigerian Senate has commenced a probe of how the 42,6 billion was removed and who authorized same with the Approval of the National Assembly as enshrined in the country’s constitution  section 80(2 and 3) with the invitation of the CBN governor and the Finance Minister to unravel the secret withdrawal for an invincible aircraft.

Attempts to reach the CBN governor and Finance minister on the secret withdrawal was not feasible despite series of messages to their media team but  the Chairman senate Committee on Privileges and Ethics  Sam Anyanwu confirmed the secret withdrawal and the Senate  interest in investigating such withdrawal and unbudgeted one from that matter.



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