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Int’l Peace Day: Izanzan camp blames FG, IOCs, N’Delta govs over long neglect for violence in Ijaw nation

File photo: Ex-militants of Niger Delta

By Cletus Opukeme


The National Coordinator of Ijaw Interest Advocate (IIA) aka Izanzan camp, Amb. Yerinmene Salaco Jnr, had slammed Federal government, Multinational oil companies and leaders of Niger Delta for causing violence in Ijaw nation over neglect and poor management of available funds in the region which perpetually kept the people in poverty..

In a statement commemorating the world peace day, Amb. Yerinnene disclosed in a statement made available to newsmen in Warri, stated, “Indeed, today also ought to be a great day of peace to the Ijaw Nation as the world celebrates an “International Peace Day.

“But unfortunately the common Ijaw man is aggrieved even this very day following the anti- Ijaw policies that had been implemented by the ICO’s operating in our territories and the exiting governments at the federal and state level to endanger the wellbeing of Ijaw Nation.

“The Ijaws are overs of peace thus seems not to know “peace” because of the revolutionary actions against developmental and human capital development deprivations by the exiting governments and the OIC’s operating in our territories.” He noted.

According to the Ijaw youths leader, “As peace loving young intellectuals that come together to form an intellectual platform to preach peace, monitor government policies and call for massive development, we are saying expressively that the Ijaw Nation has been pushed to the wall.

“While we are ensuring the Nigeria government our peaceful conduct and to maintain peace an order, we’re are once again calling on the Nigeria government led by president Buhari and the respective Niger Delta state governors to attend to the critical needs of Ijaw people not to further spark the Ijaw Nation” He admonished.

“Evidently, Ijaw Nation is the major sustainer of this country but we are the most impoverished and backward developmentally, politically and otherwise. Now the question is why the Ijaw will be an happy man?

“Despite the fact that our primary target and mission is to change the ugly narratives and old bitter story of deprivation, we will not fold our hands while our people has been related to the background. Well we might be calm today but our tomorrow actions as destined by God will shock even the world

“Therefore as we join the world to celebrate the international peace day, we are calling on the International community to quickly intervene as PEACE WE ALL WANT.” He added.




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