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INTERVIEW; We‘ll Surprise Nigerian Army in the Creeks -Gen Maxwell Udoh





File Photo; N/Delta Militant

Recently the Nigeria Military took on the Independent People of
Biafra Led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in what has now become the popular
Operation Python Dance which saw the Military not only decimating the
IPOB leaders but  resulted in the disappearance of their Leader Nnamdi
Kanu ever since the Attack of the Pythons.

As a follow up to the perceived success of the Python Dance, the
Nigeria Military Spokesperson Brigadier Sani was in the news recently
stating categorically that the military next dance would be in the
Niger Delta where the Niger Delta Military hold sway and the South
West where the Odua People Congress ply their business,

Daily Watch  in our usual  in-depth and precise investigative work
took a tour to the creeks of the Niger Delta in far away Bakassi land
for a chat with one of the most outspoken Militants General Maxwell
Udoh for his candid view on the planned military onslaught in the
Niger Delta and his explicit views are as shocking and expository. Read the exclusive interview.

               Can we meet you please?

Am Maxwell Udoh as you already know and by God grace the leader of
the over five thousand members of the New Bakassi Strike Force with a
supreme mandate to fight for the emancipation and development of our
land which has been devastated by several years of oil exploitation
and exploration to feed and develop the Nation  but with no
commensurate  development in the life and land of where the oil is
coming out from.

Recently the Nigeria Military took on the People of Biafra, What is
your views on the Attack?

The Military forage into Biafra land to me and the several followers
in the Niger Delta is simply a misplaced adventure taking into
consideration the fact that the IPOB has all through the years stand
on the Principle of Non Violent agitation in pursuit of their wish to
pull out of what they term as an unfavorable federation. While I am
not a sympathizer of the Biafra course or their choice of a non
violent struggle I felt really bad that the Military which seem
sympathetic or is it unwilling to tame the violent and killer Fulani
headsmen who had looted and killed several thousands were fast in
launching a Python dance against a non violent group and killing
several innocent Nigerians in the Process. What I like other
Nigerians want  to ask the Military is ,if the IPOB is more deadly
compared to the Fulani Jihadist who are ravaging almost every place in
the Country without a single condemnation from the Government or Army?
The Military and Government are  yet quick to stage a Dance in a
peaceful East.

It still beats my imagination the real reason for the onslaught with a
deadly killer squad that is supposed to be busy fighting the killer
headsmen that has become a government onto themselves. There is truly
something that the Government led by Mohamadu Buhari and the Military
are not telling us about the Fulani headsmen freedom juxtaposed with
the attack of the innocent and non-violent group like the IPOB.

But the same Military has said that their next target is the Niger
Delta. What is your take on that?

(Smile) I am very certain that the Nigeria Military would not be so
foolish as to want to shift or carry out the so called Python or
Crocodile or lizard Dance, film or tears to the Niger Delta because
they certainly would not find the so called Silence of gun that they
met in the South East neither would they meet stick and stone wielding
young men rushing to fight the military with high caliber weapons.
Certainly they would meet a well prepared Militants with Smoking Guns,
Rockets and grenade and a balance force that would make their mission
to the creeks like the Venture of the Americans to Cuba in the Popular
Bay of Pigs were the Americans underestimated the Cubans and at the
end pulled out in shame, that certainly would be the fate of the
military as we would not only decimate them but stop a single drop of
oil flow from the land, it is for these reasons am certain they would
not try that misadventure to the Niger Delta for no reason at all.

But the Nigerian Army and Air force are the Best in Africa so how can
your rag Tag Militants face them?

My friend, where the American air force and Military not the best
in the world during the Bay of Pigs  strike in the Cuba Socialist
Country under Late Fidel Castro? How did it end up? The  supposed or
assumed might of a military before the real battle of War is not
predicated on your stupidity or wish but on the intelligence and
knowledge of your terrain and this we will use as just as in Cuba to
dry out men of the Nigerian Army in a kind of battle never witnessed
in the history of Militancy in the Niger Delta, The truth is you
succeeded in Biafra because you have the Village and home of Kanu to
attack the Battle that will result if the Military dare show their
face would be more like a guerilla attack, they would not see a target
to hit, their planes would not see targets to hit but certainly they
would get hit as sitting target.

And mind you all oil activities would be totally paralyzed because in
War you destroy your enemy sources of income to win so our first
target would be stopping all oil activities until the end of the
battle and this if it occur would be the end of oil Exploitations and
explorations in our land, see why I said the army and Government would
not be that foolish as the their spokesman said to try that Dance
anywhere around the Niger Delta terrain.

Are you speaking for your group or the whole of the Militants?

What I am telling you now you would also hear from any other groups in
the Niger Delta because the Boys are already Angry with the Deceit and
trick this Government seem to be playing on the People of the Niger
Delta, The Boys are already preparing to launch an attack but for the
respect of men like E.K Clark and others wise men that we are still
looking onto. Can you imagine our elders were deceived and con to
reach on to us for a cease fire and dialogue which the Vice President
and the Minister For state for petroleum   made Niger Delta their
Houses during that period but several months after the said cease fire
can you name a single thing that this Government has initiated based
on the dialogue with the Elders?. Name one developmental project that
has been entered into by this deceitful Government? State one simple
thing  as a good faith  towards the cease fire? Since the cease fire
have you seen the Minister or his counterpart for peace, the Vice
President? That tells you that the whole game plan of the cease fire
was to keep oil flowing and send men for serious training abroad with
the aim of having a balance team for aquatic attack against the
Militants and that was what Sani, their spokesman was trying to put
across but shockingly we are awaiting them and by the Grace of God we
shall not disappoint them when they chooses to show their face in our

Why war when Dialogue can solve it ALL?

Are you asking me? You better look for Sani and his Hausa Fulani team
of army leaders to answer that question. They take every other
Nigerians as fools and that they are the only the wise few in the
Country but this would stop soon. If the peaceful militants that is
still observing a ceasefire is the next line according to the
spokesman and the Fulani headsmen are not then they is many things
this Government and Military are hiding from us Nigerians, because the
headsmen have killed much more Nigerians than even the so called Boko
Haram, raped more Nigerians, destroyed the Economy by driving away
farmers from their farm land, raping and looting, destroyed over 299
villages all over the country and this group is and has never been
mentioned in all speeches of Mr. President as doing anything evil, has
never been attacked, proscribed or do the Pythons dance towards so is
that not surprising to you? I can’t just get it but yet a non-violet
IPOB became the target for attack and ban while the headsmen are free.
What are the Government and the Military telling Nigerians?
Simple. It’s better to be armed to get what you want like the Fulani’s
are than be non-violent and get killed in a python dance like a rat.
‘It’s better to be armed to get what you want like the Fulani’s
are than be non-violent and get killed in a python dance like a rat’



What then is the Solution to these entire Crises?

The solution lies with the Government. Fiscal Fedralism,
Restructuring, these are the simple steps toward stopping the
spending train which Nigeria has become from hitting the ground far
sooner than expected because even the non-violent IPOB would soon go
violent watch my words because the Government has just be the attack
come out distinctly to tell them that been armed pays like it is to
the Fulani’s than been non-violent. So when in the months or years
ahead you hear of the Biafrans it would not be just non-violent but a
fully armed struggle, watch my words.


 So you and other Militants are not scared of the Military?

They should be scared of us and not the other way round. My friend, in
life they are two tragedies; one is getting your heart desire and the
other is not getting your heart desire. The meaning of this axiom
would be clearer at the end of smoking guns if the Nigeria Military as
much as dare move their Python, Crocodile or lizard Dance, tears or
songs to the Niger Delta.

So, will Nigeria Continue this way if things are not changed?

My Friend, the same Hausa Fulani’s killing all over the place in name
of headsmen are the same enjoying everything in the country can’t you
see it clearly or you  want us to give you statistics, they see us a
fools that we don’t know or see what’s happening.

They think they are wise and smart but they are making others wiser by
their brazen acts and conduct. Look at the NDA intake list in the past
five years about 80 percent are from the north, not just the North but
Hausa Fulani’s ,go to the Nigeria Police University 80 percent the
same, go to the Nigerian fire services 80 percent, go to all
appointments in the NNPC 80 percent, Look at all military academy
sited in the Hausa Fulani land, the New Military University the same,
in the past two years 5.000 military,1000 air force where trained and
the last batches just completed their training go check the list 90
percent are Hausa Fulani’s and all these are done in a country said to
practicing Federalism? So, who are the Hausa Fulani’s truly fooling?

Thank you for talking with us

Bless you for coming to talk with us. But help tell the military to
tackle the Fulani headsmen who are killing and looting than coming to
a peaceful Niger Delta to state a battle that they can’t complete.




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