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INTERVIEW: How Foolish Igbo Leaders/ Elders Betrayed IPOB Leader Nnamdi- Gen. Maxwell Udoh


The elders of Arewa Council led by the Loquacious Ango Abdullahi
recently gave a stern but drastic warning to a Sitting Governor in the
North not to dare Arrest Any of the Self Styled Arewa Youths that gave
the October 1st Quit Notice to Igbos not minding the fact that the
charges in the Warrant were greatly Laughable.

Daily Watch
in its Usual way had to seek the views of one of the most
outspoken and Vibrant Militants in the Creeks Niger Delta Axis
General Maxwell Udoh of the New Bakkasi Strike Force about the
El-Rufai Warrant, the Warning by Arewa Elders, Fulani herdsmen,
restructuring and sundry other issues  and his blunt but frank
response is simply a food for thought. Excerpts;

Good morning and nice meeting you this morning despite the  short Notice

Good morning  and thanks


(PHOTO)How are the Militants taking the story that some  have openly
come out to say they are against Any form of Restructure?

They would never accept to go for restructuring because they still see
free oil money to share among themselves and several more to loot as
their brothers are in almost all the sensitive positions in the
country so to them that free money both looted and shared would
continue is as simple as ABC because only a man that cannot see
the future would still be holding strongly to the Status Quo.

So how would the Restructure go on if some states are against it?

Go back to history my dear you will read about those that makes
peaceful change impossible getting violent chance in return, it is as
simple as ABC when the appropriate time which is not far comes they
would not be asked to take a choice between accepting or rejecting
restructuring because by then events would have over taken them.

Just yesterday the Kaduna state Gov.Malam El -Rufai got a warrant for the arrest of the Arewa youths that gave the quit notice to Igbos.What
is your take?

file photo: militants

Rubbish, are we just waking up or realizing a notice was given that it
took them over two months to get a warrant from a state governor not
the  Federal mind you, for some flimsy charges .Why didn’t they go
after the youths just as the non-violent Biafra youths were
handled? Youths that were non Violent and never gave any one ultimatum
were killed wantonly by the Nigerian Army but those that vow to send
people out of Nigeria got  a warrant two months later and what was the
charges, breach of public peace and disturbance not treason or any
serious charges related to the drastic and heinous crime they
committed. Is that not crazy?. Are they not calling us all fools? Yet
they were so fast to kill armless and non violent Eastern youths for
merely calling for a referendum  while armed and killer Fulani
herdsmen are been begged, paid to stop killing .we are truly in a
foolish and funny country were many in the Civilized world will keep
addressing us all as follishlish.

But that Warrant has even elicited condemnation and warnings from Arewa elders?

That is the wisdom of the Hausa Fulanis when placed side by side with
the Foolishness of most of our Igbo brothers who didn’t wait for the
gun smoke to die down  before insulting  and calling for their own
Kanu head  and some idiots from that same East hailing their own
oppressors and others calling for Kanu’d father dethronement all for
asking for a referendum .Are the Igbos sane at all?.But here the
elders in the North are warning even when we know that the Warrant was for very frivolous charges to hoodwink Nigerians in to believing
Actions is been taken yet these so called Elders are saying no. Who
then between Ango Abdulahi and the great elders from the North and why the so call Igbo leaders and South East Governors are truly foolish?your guess would be as good as mine.

Why not ask what has happened to the Fulani herdsmen that still goes
about killing and Maiming Oga Ango would never open his mouth on that? What about the taking over of all positions in the Military and Para military?. Oga  Ango  Abdulahi would not see that. What about the billions  of oil money belonging to Kaduna state paid or is it  dashed to herdsmen by a governor to stop killing?has Ango spoken on that?Yet,you hear him dun his filthy mouth all over the place and to me the Follish Igbo elders like Okorocha of Imo State  and others who are so daft that they don’t see or pretend not to see because of the small lucre that is coming their way.

The Nigerian Army is yet to commence their Crocodile tears11 contrary to the statement by the Military spokesman that it would be the next phase?

Didn’t I tell you they wouldn’t? The military and government of
Nigeria knows were their madness starts and ends. That should be in
the land of the Igbo’s where elders behave and speak like garage touts
even when the truth is glaring. Like I said they can and would never
try it in the Niger delta because like I said before and repeating
again they would meet not just their waterloo but the end of Nigeria
in the creeks here.

Most time I wonder if you speak the minds of other militant brothers?

Why not go to the creeks of Bayelsa ,Rivers and Delta you would praise
me for been docile  with my words as the annoyance of the boys is at
boiling point.

We see what they do in all most all appointments in the NNPC ,Customs
,police ,even the unreleased Immigration list we already have the copy
check out the list you would think the country is owned by the Hausa
Fulani’s yet the billions that keeps the country comes from here and
our children have not even a job talk more of heading any of the oil
companies in our land.

Don’t you see how foolish these people are taking us for and you
asking me if others know all these?  It’s funny, patient till the
military foolish draw the first blood. We all in Nigeria are slaves to
the Hausa Fulanis.

The Fulanis would tell you your allegiance should be to Nigeria in the
open but theirs is to themselves anywhere in the world unlike Igbo
elders and so called leaders, the Fulani code is Fulani first and
Nigerians follow but they asking  you to say Nigeria first and other
things follow and the foolish Igbo leaders are happy and can sell
their own brother to prove that because of the crumbs falling on their
table .

That  is  why exceptional men like  Senator Abaribe and Eastern
Senate caucus members  and Ohaneze be exulted for their uncompromising
stand on IPOB  nomenclature as a terrorist group when Herdsmen are still classified as mere criminal gangs id it not crazy.

Your take on October first quit notice?

It is a good one and we pray fervently they stick to it and fastly
implement it as it would give us the fastest route to our dream
country from Nigeria. Our prayer is that they should not cancel it,
let them go ahead with it and we shall see the final outcome.

Before we leave you. Any word about your Friend Kanu Where about?

(SMILE) why ask me? thought have answered you this same question
before?. The brothers and Lawyer of Nnamdi Kanu  had  said he is with
the Nigerian army that launched their Python Dance  11 in Kanu’s abode
why don’t you believe them? Even if Kanu is here with us (smiling)do
you think we are as foolish as this many so called Igbo brothers that
have betrayed him to look good in the eyes of their Slave Masters? We
will not and never betray him because we are our brother’s keeper in
the true sense of the word.

Thank you for taking time to talk to us despite the Short notice.

You are welcome and our camp is always free for your visit so far you are not
going to be like the many Igbo  slave elders.


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