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Fasehun is one with a nationalist blood, says Group

Dr. Fasehun

Niger-Delta groups – Ijaw Monitoring Group (IMG), led by Comrade Joseph Evah; President Ijaw Professionals Association (IPA) and President South East South South Professionals, both led by Chief Amagbe Kentebe; President, Ijaw Elders Forum, Lagos, led by Chief Efiye Bribena; Ex-President, Ijaw Community, Lagos led by Chief Regent Yourmor; Niger-Delta People’s Forum, NDPF (SW); led by its secretary, Mr. Efeakpokrire Moses; Women Wing of the Niger-Delta People’s Forum, NDPF(SW) led by Mrs. Benedicta Amaran and a host of others associations of the Niger Delta region that paid a condolence’s visit to the family of Dr. Frederick Fasehun, the late founder and leader of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) in Lagos.

According to the President of the Ijaw Monitoring Group (IMG), Comrade Joseph Evah that Dr. Fasehun  worked with different groups such as Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF); Ijaw National Congress (INC); Movement for the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB); Urhobo Progressives Union (UPU), Ohaneze, etc in maintaining peace and order across the country. That Fasehun once saved him and others Ijaw Youths Council members from death during the crisis that erupted between Ijaw youths and OPC members in Lagos.

He maintained that Fasehun is one with a nationalist blood, that he is not just a Yoruba but a true Nigerian. That he was in Patani during the Ijaw National Congress (INC) convention. He, however, urges the children of Fasehun to continue with his vision.

As for the President of both Ijaw Professional Association (IPA) and South East South South Professionals, Chief Amagbe Kentebe stressed that Fasheun was one who stood for true federalism and restructuring  and who never departed from that until his death, urging the Yoruba. Socio-cultural group, Afenifere; the Ondo State Government; the Western State and the Federal Government to honour him in their respective special ways. That Dr. Frederick Fasehun was being loved by all and sundry across the country irrespective of tribes, associations and groups, urging the children to build up on what he has left behind and to be united and be of one accord.

For president, Ijaw Elders Forum, Lagos, Chief Efiye Bribena, he says of Dr. Fasehun as a man of ‘Good Action’ instead of ‘Good Intention’. A man whose ‘yes’ is ‘yes’ and ‘no’ is ‘no’. That that is why he never fret about while he was alive. He remained committed to the cause in which he believes on. And that he was never a political prostitute!

He therefore, stated that Heaven is full of those with ‘Good Action’ while Hell with those with ‘Good Intention’ urging all to be those ‘who say and do’ and not those ‘who say and do not do’. That Dr. Fasehun is ore ‘who say and do’ and ‘not one who say and do not do”, praying to God to accept his soul.

Ex-president, Ijaw Community, Lagos, Chief Regent Yourmor, he urged the children of Dr. Fasehun to imbibe to the dreams and aspiration of their father and what their father stood for and never to deviate from it. That their father who was a man of ideas, ideals and deeds not only left a good name but immerse wealth which all the children should treasure to make more fortunes from; urging them to imbibe by the Frederick Isiotan Fasehun Foundation’ which embraces Health, safety, Unity and Education.   

The woman leader of the Niger Delta People’s Forum, NDPF(SW), Mrs. Benedicta Amaran urged and prayed for the unity of the family which Dr. Fasehun had left behind, that all should speak with one voice so that enemies may not gain access to divide them. That they should keep their eyes wide open and to guide and protect what the father has left behind for them; praying for the repose of the soul of Dr. Frederick Fasehun for God to accept him into Heaven.

On his part, the secretary to Frederick Isiotan Fasehun Foundation, Mr. Nosakhare Isibor, he said the mission and vision of the foundation is that ‘Humanity now wades in the brackish waters of insecurity, pestilence and endless conflicts. It is our passion to seek, workable solutions through empirical studies as well as effective consultations.

“It is our belief that through passionate contributions to our focal societal challenges, someday we will have more habitable societies for the good of everyone,” Isibor stated.

That the core areas of focus of the foundation are security, health and unity, among which security stands major. FIFF stands as the platform with which the founder and its management team intend to achieve the goals of the organisation set forthwith.

Hear him: “From time immemorial, institutional learning and transfer of knowledge have always been the cradle of solutions to societal challenges. We are committed to empirical studies through standardized institutions to deliver solutions to societal challenges.

“Because our organization is heavily committed to these strategies and goals, our major project in this respect, among others, is the construction of the first ever University of Security, Management and Technology (USMT) which is to serve as a powerhouse of research for solutions to disturbing societal security constitutes a major agenda of FIFF. In a world where insecurity has become a global challenge that threatens the very existence of humanity, the need for security solutions cannot be overemphasized.

“To that end, a major goal on the agenda of FIFF is to contribute to the pursuit of workable solutions to the global menace of insecurity. And a good way to start is to pursue uncommon knowledge and research for empirical solutions.

“This was what gave birth to the idea of a contemporary institution of higher learning, like no other, which will give a unique bias to security as a core discipline in itself. Hence the idea for the construction and commencement of operations of the first ever University of Security, Management and Technology (USMT), was born. 




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