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INTERVIEW: Buhari Does not rule Nigeria, but cabal Does, Says Militant leader Maxwell Udoh





Several weeks back we did bring to Nigerians an interview with one of the notable and outspoken Militants leaders in the Niger Delta Region in which he gave  his unbiased views on the Operation Crocodile tears 11 in the Niger Delta, today, weeks after the said Army Crocodile Tears  In the Creeks Your  investigative Paper the Daily Watch is with the Outspoken leader of the New  Bakkasi Strike Force (NBSF) on the commencement of the Operation Crocodile Tears 11 on the Niger Delta and her People and below is his honest views on that and several other issues. Excerpts


 Thanks for accepting to meet us again.


Thanks and we honestly welcome you wholeheartedly to our camp and want to say that of almost all yet media outfits in the Country your paper stands out in their desire to bring out the secrets in an investigative manner unlike several others and so we want to say more grease to your elbow.


Weeks now the much awaited Crocodile rears 11 has commenced and we seem not to hear of any problem in the Creeks unlike the scary pictures you painted?

Thank you very much for you question, the truth is we too are only hearing about the much talked about Crocodile tears going on in the Niger delta creeks and not seen any Military except the regular patrol team in our creeks as such we don’t have any problem, if you recall in my interview with you then I said that if the Military decide to want to replicate the Python Dance 11 here in the Niger Delta creeks then blood bath would be all there would get and thank fully whatever they claimed to be doing in the Niger Delta is not like what they did in the South East were they went about just killing and looting in the name of crushing some harmless, stick wielding South East boys, women and children in cold blood. Like I said then and am repeating it again that the day they mistaking push their luck to try that evil in the Niger  Delta then we will certainly make life miserable for the Nigerian Military, that I certainly can assure the Nigeria Military.

But what if they the Military just do their routine patrol haunting for just criminals?


To me the army is not the proper body to haunt for criminals the way you putting it rather what is happening now is merely politicizing the Nigerian military that today the much respected Nigeria Military has lost their self- respect as they are seen begging for bribes and collecting same like men of the Nigerian Police all over the creeks from fuel Bunkers and   refiners thereby making the Military boys from the North Millionaires over night and nothing more or have they come out to say they have arrested any bunkers or refiners of crude except the lies every day of capturing guns from miscreants etc.

Recently one of the Notable northern leaders recently said the President is deceiving Nigerians if he claims not to know about  Maina, a wanted thirf reinstatement into the Civil service. What is your take on that?

To me Buhari lies and that of his APC group has never been seen in the history of Nigeria, today we will be told we recovered trillions from PDP looters by tomorrow we begging to borrow money from foreign countries yet we have three times that money are we borrowing in the central bank according to them seized from  Nigerians.

Today SSG  Babachir’s loot case is Dead, Baru  saga is dead, Chief of staff Abba Kyari 400 million Million naira loot  from MTN is closed, Minister for Interior Billion naira building in Boston Building investigation is closed, Garba usman the ex-registrar of Supreme court who stole 2 billion trial has ended and promoted to Judicial Council,  Ibrahim Larmode indicted by senate report for looting EFCC and selling several confiscated properties without accounting for  the proceeds now elevated to Special Fraud Unit Ikoyi as Commissioner.

The list of thieves in Buhari government protected and promoted is endless so Maina is not the first and would never be the last just be patient. To me and other wise Nigerians what the Northern leader said is the fact but not the entire facts because  the President is not truly taking us all for a ride but merely taking the few fools that still believe in him and his many lies and loots for a ride because any sane Nigerians knows the man is openly supporting thieves and not fighting corruption but building it.


Today everything about the APC government is lies and stealing even those who called themselves men of God ,pastors have shamefully joined in the lying game or didn’t hear the Vice President saying Jonathan giving out 100 billion prior to election is the cause of our problem today yet the Baru loot, the Presidential Initiative for North East (PINE) looting  which is the centre of classical looting till this moment is maybe unknown to our Pastor Vice President. Please ask something else because even a kid knows all about the lies and monumental looting taking place under the watchful eye of the President who is fast to prone and suspend his members and friends that gets involved in looting but refuse to prosecute or put thieves on trial with the same speed that he and Magu the EFCC does for others.

Are you saying this Government has not achieved much in the Corruption War then?


You make me laugh, I can off handedly count over twenty cases of monumental lootings that has taken place in the less than two years of this administration that not a trial been made so what corruption war are we fighting then or is ir the case of Dasuki alone that is corruption in the lexicon of Buhari and his APC looters?

So please enlighten me more on why the friends of Buhari even in the Villa are looting Nigeria dry yet not a whimper from a so called anti-corruption President and his lame duck EFCC.its not just shocking but extremely disgraceful that’s why I keep saying only fools, I mean real fools without brains at all are still believing the President and his APC thieving groups, even in the much vilified PDP 16 years we never saw this type of brazen lootings and cover ups even in the Aso Rock Villa, it is truly a disgrace.


But at least they have done well in Security?


You right if the every dy killings by the Fulani’s herdsmen is not a security issue, if the series of arrack by the Boko Haram they Vow to stop in three months has finally been stopped or the Security success is the killing of the innocents under operation Python Dance in the South East maybe that’s where the so called success in security can be traced to since there is no place to situate their so called security success.

To me the day Fulani’s stop killings and Fulani herdsmen are arrested as fast as cow Rustlers are then I would begin to believe we are truly fighting insecurity but so long the Fulani’s have license to kill every other day all over the Country and the Military assisting them in the genocide and take over of the land of the North Central people, the minority Northerners with the connivance of top Fulani Military officers then security is not  existing at all.


So if today the Crocodile Tears 11 team storm your Camp what would happen?


They would not be foolish to try that at all because if and when they do certainly we would immediately give them two responses. We would ruthlessly and relentlessly attack every military targets, personnel in the creeks all over the Niger Delta soil and brutally go for all the oil facilities in the Niger Delta, that’s  the response any attack on our camp would elicit

What about the story making rounds that there is a government in the Buhari’s Government?


Funny. Is it a story or the facts? It is a clearly stated fact that our President is not and has never been in charge. When the Wife Aisha and the Senate President first echoed it many never believed them but it is getting clearer and clearer even to the most ardent fan of Buhari that the man is either not in charge or he is just a ceremonial head with some group ruling for him or have you lately see any sign of a president been in charge except  that stories and releases from the President Media men? it is as bad as that. So, to me Buhari is not in power though the President and commander in chief of the armed forces in name but in reality the man is a thorough breed weakling just hanging there as if he is in power.


Thank you abundantly for as always taking time to educate us


Thank you greatly too for your effort in getting across to us in this perilous times that we are,  a time  when government has become a family affair in which the family and cousin of the President are now the people ruling.




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