INTERVIEW: Brothers of my opponent in PDP are campaigning for me, Says Bezi APC Councillorship Flag bearer




Ighotegwolor Bezi is the APC Councillorship Candidate in Aladja ward 20 in Udu LGA of Delta State. In this interview with Daily Watch, he talks on his vision for the people, if voted into power in the forthcoming Local Government polls. Excerpts

Let’s meet you sir?

I am Bezi Ighotegwlolor born and breed in Aladja in Udu Local Government
area and have lived all my life here in Aladja apart from
occasional trip out for education and movie production

Are you into movies?

Yes over the years, I have been a media /movies Practitioner with several
movies produced, written and most times directed by me and this has
exposed me greatly to the world in and outside my locality and to a
great extent giving me grief in my heart when I realized that many
things developmental wise and educational wise I see in my foray into
the world of movie and media are things I would have domesticated to
help transform, help and build my community hence opt to throw my hat
into the contest.

You are APC candidare for ward 20 and going against
the incumbent, how sure are you to unseat him as the incumbent?

Funny enough, his incumbent status is the basic factor working in my
favour since the people of my constituent has seen him in that
position in his first tenure and know what he is incapable of and many
things he should have done and left undone, the constituents are the
same people who because of his non-performance that are mostly doing
my campaign for me having known me on ground over the years, having
seen and understand what I stand for and my antecedents in life and
deeds, so incumbency would not play any favour in this contest.
Without been immodest  I am by far a better candidate to deliver to my
people the dividend of democracy than the incumbent and this is
basically my driving force, moving and impacting on the life of my

Stories abound about the PDP putting measures to just announced winners without taking votes cast into consideration?

To me may be in other clime such stunt can be pulled and successfully
too since the PDP has the monopoly of the appointment of the Electoral
umpires etc but that itself can only be possible when you have a
better candidate but in this case the whole constituents are routing
for me, even family members of the incumbent are with me my brother
are then can you in your wildest imagination overturn such results
without extreme consequences from the masses? To me rigging is simply
possible when you have a sellable candidate not with a liability is
your candidate that makes rigging an albatross and that is the major
factor counting for me and god willing would see me sailing through
because when the masses are clearly for you even God the most high
would be on ground to crown the wish of the masses.

What gives you so much confidence about your victory in the poll?

God, God is my hope and my dream because the masses know each of us
far back till today.  They know what each of us can do and has done, knows
who between the incumbent that has been tested before now in the
community and the life of our people and defiantly can make a
discerning decision on whose the cap fits.

Information from the field confirms you can’t match the incumbent money
wise would that not count against you?

If money were to play the major role or yardstick, then there would be this
election my friend, money will not count because my constituents are
bent on seeing off the incumbent who cannot point to one thing he has
done for the people of the community as a whole and his constituent in
particular so whatever edge the money factor would have given him has
been wiped off by people of my constituents knowing his antecedents
and mine and therefore be able to make a clear cut judgment even where
he gives each candidate hundred million they would collect it as the
dividends that has eluded them ever since in the sense that the money
would have been used for projects ever since  but kept somewhere so
that is my belief and not just mine alone but the constituent and this
you can go around and ascertain since you are on ground here in

So what would be your focus, if voted in?

Empowerment of the old and young, home grown infrastructures, local
but functional and supervised health care facilities and standby
ambulances in case the ailment above the local health facilities on
ground, constant and consistent presence of health officers day and
night and  training of the youths in my constituents on productive
ventures in movie making, script writing, education ventures to expose
then to the wider world where entertainment as a whole is now becoming
the in thing do they can create wealth for themselves and develop the

Already I have set up an NGO as part of my constituents project that
would be activated once I win which would basically train the youths
on different aspects of entertainments for them to opt for whichever
they feel they can  and has comparative advantages in and would then
get high resource persons down to pass the rudiments of  whichever
they opt to pursue and where possible they get their apprenticeship
with some of the already established entertainment gurus most of whom
I am familiar with and in touch with for this  great project I tagged
“Making the Youths their own masters”.

With dwindling allocations to local govt how would you pull this through?

Like I just been discussing with my field term, am not in the race to
make names because that God has already given me, not to amass wealth
because my constituents know me all these years what I stand for
fighting the rot, corruption in my community over years. i was the
first in conjunction with some other Youths far twenty five years back
to established a local media out fir that mirrors our community, it
was then like the community radio of today that is over taking the
whole country, this we did personally way back then to check those in
the affairs of the community that you can confirm, way back then we
were also doing drama etc to creating  awareness for the youths so you
can imagine what I can and will do now that am in complete control of
my game in the media and entertainment level.

We wish you absolute success in your aspiration and pray the lord
crown your effort

Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to  go round our
community to politically asses and gauge out political mood and
pursuit. Good bye sir.



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