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INEC forgets Buhari and sat for same exams under same supervision with me- Okorocha

Governor Rochas-Okorocha


*If mine falls under duress certainly that of the President should too

The Imo state President seemed to be in an highly upbeat state following the  refusal of INEC to give him his certificate of return in the recently concluded Presidential/National assembly elections which the returning officer declared him as winner but later recant with the declaration that he declared Rochas Okorocha under extreme Duress.

The Governor who for days now has been talking tough over the INEC decision few hours ago too INEc to the cleaners  by asking why th same duress for which he is been accused of was not said of the results from the IMO state Presidential elections bearing in mind that the same supervisors undertook the organization of the Elections and if any duress was done at all it should be for both the Presidential and National Assembly Elections for the Senatorial zone as such that of Buhari should also be by duress and subtracted too from the IMO state total vote because that too must have been from the same duress.

The governor who several days back threatened spilling some beans if his certificate is not given to him has also threatened to make Imo state ungovernable if he is denied his legitimate certificate of return he duly deserved after a spectacular fight in the election.

The governor who is said to be consulting some legal minds with the intent of heading for the court of law to claim his certificate from INEC has vowed that no one not even INEC has powers to cancel the wish of his people as exhibited on the 26th of February.

Daily watch attempts to get to INEC over the  statement of Governor Okorocha regarding cancellation of the Presidential Votes too from his Senatorial zone just as his since that also must be under duress as the two exams were sat for the same minute and hours and collected by the same returning officer before announcement and recant over his.





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