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Incredible! Ghana’s controversial Man of God, Bishop Angel Obinim claims meeting Adam and Eve

Bishop Angel Obinim

*Described self as an Angel from heaven and set to leave back

*Met Jesus who introduced him to Moses, Abraham, Adam/Eve and others

Ghana controversial Pastor and Bishop Angel Obinim has again created another world controversy in the kingdom of Christendom few weeks after declaring that he is an Angel from heaven sent down by God and set to return by flying back before been begged by his congregation not to leave them but stay awhile with them.


The popular Ghanaian Bishop this time told his Congregation and the world that he had come in  Visible contact with not just the two creatures the Almighty God first created on Earth Adams and Eve but with others like Moses of Old in the Bible, Abraham and several other prophets of old in the Bible.

The self Proclaimed heavenly Angel on earth stunned the world and his congregation days back when he announced that he was taken hand in hand in an introduction conducted by Jesus Christ himself  in the third Heavens to these great men of Old just weeks after he claimed he wanted to fly from his Church in Ghana to heaven where he came from to preach God word until begged by his members to state more with them before migrating by flight to heaven.

The Man of God who is seen by several men of God worldwide as an example of what a genuine man of God should  not be is highly loved and followed by thousands in his home Country Ghana where he controls a very big congregation who are said to be fiercely loyal to him and believed all his very controversial statements and preaching.



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