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INC Election: Meinbutu warns against imposition of candidate


By Solomon Ebipade

Meinbutu federated Urban communities have warned Ijaw leaders to stay away from imposing  a candidate on the revered Ijaw national Congress (INC) for the interest of the Ijaw nation. Saying that such imposition of candidate has killed the Ijaw youth council (IYC) with two leadership structure from the national to clans.

Meinbutu elders stateman, Ex-Gen. Sunny Clark who spoke on behalf of the various communities said, ‘‘ There are some Ijaw leaders who have attempted to plot against the interest of the generality of the Ijaw nation by trying to plant or impose their own candidate for the President of INC and other positions.

‘‘Meinbutu federated urban communities will reject any form of imposition of candidate by few cabal against the interest of the entire Ijaw nation. We will reject it with every meaningful means to express our anger at such cabal who feel that Ijaw nation belongs to them. They will not be pleasant with our reaction, when that happens.’’

Speaking further, ‘‘ There should be a level playing ground for all contestants. The same few Ijaw cabal have made every attempt to disorganize Ijaw youths council (IYC) with similar imposition of candidate on Ijaw nation which today had made the once most revered ethnic organization to be a laughing stock with two IYC President with which both faction represent a particular section in Ijaw nation. The way INC election is going, we are sensing two national president like that of IYC ‘’ he said





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