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IMO State as Okorocha and family Plc



           *As family and extended family take virtually all positions and Contracts

          *Vows to spend and see his dream in-Law Uche Nwosu take over Govt. House Imo.


IMO-The charade of governance and looting in Imo seem to be unstoppable as the executive Governor of Imo State Chief Rochas Okorocha seem obsessed with just one mission, that of finally making his son in law Uche Nwosu the next executive Governor of the state so as to keep Imo Plc as the family business if all going in the state is anything to weigh on.

Daily Watch investigations in the state confirmed that Presently Imo state can aptly be called Okorocha PLC limited by virtue of the way and manner of appointments, running and contracts of the state is centered on Okorocha and his family and extended family.

Daily Watch investigation confirmed that Okorocha choice of Nwosu who is chief of Staff to him and thee husband of his first Daughter Ulomma is to him a fait accompli after spending several billions in settlement of any and every one that must be settled in Imo state starting from the state Assembly to all traditional ruler that almost everyone except few with conscience have become dump and mute over the Nwosu’s governorship aspiration.

Apart from Nwosus’s ticket the government of Okorocha is one of his family as the younger sister to Uloma husband’s father  Professor Anthony Anwukah was made the Minister for state for Education under the guide of Okorocha to fill Imo state slot on the  Federal Executive Council and the wife also made via Okorocha’s power Imo State Customary Court of Appeal Judge.

The Aunt of Okorocha Professor Adaobi Obasi today seats as the Vice Chancellor Imo state University while Okorocha’s brother seats atop the Imo state Transport to manage and collect all tolls.

Also under the Okorocha’s PlC is Okorochas sister  is totally in charge of Supplies and amount involved of all food stuff,drinks to Imo state government House.

Geraldine another of the Okorocha’s is in charge of toll/rates collections in in Imo state withanother been the Deputy Chief of Staff that’s an assistant to Uche Nwosu in the Present Government of Okorocha.

Already, the Okorocha PLC machine seem primed to make Okorocha Senator when he leaves office and his Son in Law Governor,another Relation from his father side a Senator Also and his Deputy the third senator so as to stop him from fighting Nwosu for the governorship slot under APC.

Daily Watch Confirmed that Today, Contracts and sub Contracts in Imo is a family affair as others look on like morons except for small and unattractive contracts all other major contracts falls under the Okorocha PLC preview.

Daily Watch also Confirmed that Another Daughter of the Emperor  also seats in the Imo state Government  executive Council as  a Commissioner for Happiness and enjoyment in Imo State (only God knows what that means)

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the fastest way to make money in Imo today is to oppose Nwosu’s bid and in a jiffy your own share of Imo largess from Okorocha would hit your account making you a beneficiary of the Okorocha’s PLC management of Imo state.

Daily Watch spoke with Imo state Commissioner for information on the turning ogf Imo state to the Governor PLC and he questioned yours truly on the wrong in supporting a son in law if he is qualified or making one’s sister a commissioner if she can delivered as there exist no constitutional backing against it.


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