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Ikwerre LG an Investor’s haven, says Engr. Samuel Nwanosike

Hon. Engr. Samuel Nwanosike with Executive of GCBMDA during the courtesy visit.
*Building materials market our greatest gift since after Nigeria independence
By Chukwudi Ejimofor, P/H
Governments at any level thrives as a result of the Internally Generated Revenues (IGR) it generates through the taxations from Investors. And the economic wellbeing and development of a people largely depends on the standard and level of business investments in their vicinity. It was on this premise that the Executive chairman of Ikwerre local government area in Rivers state, Hon. Engr. Samuel Nwanosike gladly received the Executive members of Garden City Building Materials Dealers Association (GCBMDA), Port Harcourt on their courtesy visit to intimate him of locating an ultra modern building materials market in his enclave.
Welcoming them at the Ikwerre local government Headquarters complex at Isiokpo, Rivers state, Hon. Engr. Samuel Nwanosike JP. thanked the executive members of the association for the courtesy visit.

Hon. Engr. Nwanosike taking his visitors round the Headquarters complex of the LGA.
”I thank the chairman and executive members of Garden City Building Material Dealers Association for this August visit to Ikwerre Local Government Area Headquarters.
”Your visit to us is timely, the local government area is now the Investor’s heaven. There is no Real Estate Developer that has no business in Ikwerre local government area, because it is safe to do business. Now we have stopped all forms of double taxation, we have stopped intimidation. Request for matching grounds, and all sort of illegal levies and taxations has stopped. Our office and phone numbers are open for 24 hours for anybody to come or to call for any form of intimidation from anybody, because if your business does well that means we are also doing well,” he posited.
The former spokesperson of PDP in Rivers state expressed the hope that the presence of the market will enhance the living conditions of inhabitants of the local government area, stressing that it’s God’s gift to the local government area.
”We are glad that your market is sited in Ikwerre LGA, because it is going to create direct and indirect job opportunities to the people of the LGA. We know that your presence in Ikwerre local government will enhance the economy of area. It will enable easier access to building materials, will reduce cost to purchase building materials and attract urbanization in the LGA. This is the the greatest gift we have gotten since after Nigeria independence.”
He further gave gratitude to God for prevailing on behalf of the LGA when even they didn’t lobby for the market to be sited in their domain.
”God spoke for us because we understood that other local governments were lobbying you to come to their area, but God spoke for us, by torching you to maintain that you shall choose Ikwerre LGA” he averred.
Engr. Nwanosike gave the association firm promises that the local government under his watch will not relent in any assistance that required of them to make sure that they did not only complete the building of the market, but also their businesses to succeed, when they commence their trade in the market. He prayed for the success of the project, because according to him it will also reflect to the success of the local government.
”I want to assure you on behalf of Ikwerre LGA people that we shall work with you, we will give you all the necessary support, and we will give you a very comfortable tax regime that will make you business to excel. And we are ready, if you need it from tomorrow”
”Both the living and the dead in Ikwerre LGA will support you in all what your union is doing, that is our prayers, because if you succeed we have succeeded”. He reassured.
Earlier, the Chairman of Garden City Building Material Dealers Association Port Harcourt, Comrade Calistus Nnadika said the reason for their visit was to congratulate the chairman on his developmental stride, his signature projects in the local government, and to formally inform him of relocating their market to the local government area to associate themselves with the chairman’s spirited efforts to develop human beings in the LGA.
”We are here on behalf of the Garden City Building Materials Dealers Association, Port Harcourt to appreciate you the chairman in your developmental stride in Ikwerre Local Government Area, especially in the aspects of security architecture, total change of the face of the Local Government Headquarters complex that was moribund before now, and and signature projects in all the ward in the Local Government Area”

Chairman of GCBMDA Comr. Nnadika presenting Souvenir to the Executive Chairman of Ikwerre LGA.
Basically we have witnessed the easy of doing business you have enabled for Investors to invest in your LGA, the Real Estate companies and many others businesses that are now booming in Ikwerre Local Government Area. As a result, the Garden City Building Materials Dealers Association was attracted to come and invest in your enclave. Today, we have formerly come to intimate you that we have acquired land to build a building material market in Mbodo Aluu, Ikwerre Local Government Area, (The Utral Moden Garden City Building Materials Market, Mbodo Aluu)”
”This is a way to compliment the efforts you put on ground to create job for the youths and people of the Ikwerre Local Government Area, and also to plead that the association wants to work with you as our Landlord to achieve our aims of locating the Market in this LGA”  Comrade Nnadika Concluded.
Highlights of the courtesy visit was
the presentation of plaque souvenir to the executive chairman, and the showcasing of some of the completed and on-going projects within the council premises to the newsmen and executive members of the association by the executive chairman himself.


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