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Ijaw nation celebrates Tompolo’s 47yrs birthday in absentia

Chief Government Ekpemupolo aka Tompolo


WARRI- Ijaw ethnic nationality today has celebrated the forty seventh birthday bash of Niger Dekta freedom fighter,High Chief Oweizide Government Ekpemupolo alias Tompolo in his absentia in Warri, Delta State.

Comrade Guwor Emonotimi,a nephew to Tompolo stated that they celebrated him to make Nigerian Government know he is a man of justice and peace.


Emomotimi added that they celebrated Tompolo because he has brought development to Gbaramatu Kingdom and Niger Delat in general stressing, “He is our Icon. He represents the struggle of the Niger Delta.” As a young man, when the Warri South-West Headquarters was relocated, he stood his ground and today, that Local Government Headquarters has been returned back to its original state.

“His contribution to the struggle to emancipate our people from the oppressive leadership of Nigeria Government. That struggle about the very first Ijaw man,Goodluck Jonathan,a minority to be president of Nigeria.

“That was his contribution. He attracted the Nigeria Maritime University. His persistent struggle brought about Amnesty programme. So many of our young ones who would not have gone to university are now graduates. That’s because Tompolo stood his ground to make what is wrong,right.

“The man is always standing for what is right,justice for his people. That’s why he is being persecuted by the Nigerian Government. By God’s grace he will be vindicated. We will celebrate him every year.

“Our prayer is that God will continue to guide and protect him. By the grace of God we will celebrate him at 100. For us, he is a living legend.”

Prominent Gbaramatu Leader,Chief Wellington Bobo and the Ijaw Women Connect,IWC called on the Ijaws to stand firm behind Ex.Militant Oweizide Government Ekpemupolo Alias Tompolo in his travails with the Federal Government.

Chief Bobo made the call at the 47th Birthday bash in honour of Tompolo in Effurun near Warri.

Chief Bobo said,”I beg Ijaw Nation to stand firm for this our great son, High Chief Oweizide Government Ekpemupolo Alias Tompolo. He has suffered. People are looking for him to kill but God never allow that because God has sent him to deliver the Ijaw Nation.

Speaking on behalf of Ijaw Women Connect, IWC, Comrade Rosemary Graham-Naingba said,”I went to wish my big brother,the GOC 47 years because he has been struggling for the Ijaw Nation”

Naingba said,”Let us join hands together and support Tompolo to move Ijaw Nation forward.All we want is equity, fairness and justice.”


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