Home ENTERTAINMENT Ijaw music maestro, Barrister Smooth to perform  at IPF  inauguration Feb 29

Ijaw music maestro, Barrister Smooth to perform  at IPF  inauguration Feb 29

Chief Barrister Smooth aka' The Paddle of Niger Delta''


Chief Barrister Smooth, Niger Delta music highlife king, aka the paddle of Niger Delta will be performing live at the Inauguration ceremony of the Ijaw Publishers Forum on February 29, 2024.

The inauguration would be held in Chief Tunde Smooth’s Playground at opposite Barrack junction, Warri, Sapele road, Warri, Delta State.


The Ijaw Publishers Forum, despite its few time of establishment had gain prominence as Ijaw big weights continued to throw weight behind it.

The music maestro would thrilled guests at the event, as lots of activities are lining up to entertain participants.

The event is billed to conscientize and unveiled Ijaw owned media houses to keep watch against media manipulations and conspiracy on Ijaw and Niger Delta freedom.

It was gathered that during the inauguration, IPF would equally take position against what its described as conspiracy and criminalization of the Ijaw and Niger Delta struggle for emancipation and resource control by foreign media.

The Forum also slammed the foreign media for throwing objectivity into the wind in the event of Niger Delta confrontation against suppression, marginalisation, balkanization and internal slavery.

According them, they would put serious check to such conspiracy deliberately orchestrated to frustrate Ijaw and Niger Delta freedom by foreign media and the government of the day.


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