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Ijaw music maestro Alfred Izon-Ebi urges Governor Seriake Dickson to support Ijaw musicians



Alfred Ezonebi entertaining on stage


By Andrew Opukeme


YENAGOA-Ijaw musical maestro Izon-Ebi Alfred, aka Junior Robert has urged  Bayelsa state governor, Mr.Seriake Dickson to support the Ijaw music industry to promote the Ijaw culture through musical entertainment..

Izon-Ebi disclosed during an interview with Dily Watch inYenagao. He said ‘‘ Theexecutive governor of Bayelsa state, His excellency Chief Seriake Dicksonshould give a support to Ijawmusicians. Ijaw musicians promote and protect the Ijaw language and culture, if a good support is given tonthe Ijaw musical industry’’

He thanked Chief Barrister smooth and Chief Pereama Freetown  and others for their roles in promoting the Ijaw Ijaw culture through music.  He noted that Ijaw leaders should select one of them to become the Ijaw musical king as they did in time of his late boss King Robert Ebizimor.

He stressed that he has been erroneously called the king of Ijaw music by his musical adopted father, King Robert Ebizimor.He humbly clarified   “I am not a king, the title was given to me by my musical father king Robert Ebizimor”.

However, he is urging the Ijaw leaders, precisely Chief E.K Clark to crown a new Ijaw musical king after the reign of King Robert Ebizimor, as he did many years ago.

He also encouraged the youths in Nigeria to go into politics in the forth coming 2019 election. According to him, “Most politicians have failed us by the way of their leadership system. They pleaded with the masses to vote them into power and eventually turned out to be wild animals in the bush such as the lion and the tiger to the point they become too powerful and fearful to the people.





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